Cat trap

I’m trapped under sixteen pounds of feline warmth and cuteness. Not a bad way to spend Sunday morning.



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Rolling with the oats

I’m digging this fridge oatmeal. Today’s jar had blueberries. Yesterday I put in pineapple. I think tomorrow might be cinnamon and apple.

I know, I’m out of control.

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Better than I expected

Today I had my annual physical exam, which includes fasting blood work – and I don’t do fasting well, so I wanted to bring along something to eat right after the vampires were done. Not knowing how long my appointment would be, and wanting to stick to my relatively healthy diet plans, I decided to give overnight fridge oatmeal a try.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this – you mix rolled oats, yogurt, and milk in a jar and leave it in the fridge overnight and then eat it cold, often with fruit or nuts added. I admit to having very low expectations of this concoction. Cold oatmeal? BLECH! I was desperate, though; and it was either this or a fatty sausage muffin…

Color me surprised, because the fridge oatmeal was much, much better than I expected. It was also easily portable, nutritious, rather filling, contains no added sugar, and fit well within my allotted calories for breakfast.

I put a jar together last night and didn’t think to take pictures – but a quick Google search brought up a series that is almost identical to what mine looked like (I even used the same jelly jars & white plastic lid), so here:

photo from

photo from

My ‘recipe’ consisted of: 1/4 cup organic rolled oats, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt, 1 tsp chia seeds, and 1/4 cup mango chunks. Total calories = 226! The pic above shows adding a flavor extract, but I didn’t do that.

By morning it filled the jelly jar and was surprisingly smooth and creamy (but not slimy). The mango chunks added just the right amount of flavor and sweetness without needing honey or sugar. I have lots of frozen fruit & berries in the freezer, and certainly plan on making this again. Check out for some great flavor blends.

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The hostas are up, which is my cue to plant the veggie garden. It’s pretty rare to get a frost in April, though it will continue to be cold at night. March was very rainy (9.44 inches of rain – the wettest March in recorded history), but our soil drains pretty well so nothing is boggy around the yard. The weeds are pretty happy with all the rain, and I’ve been pulling buckets of them between rain squalls. I think they are still winning, though. Weeds and those darned bluebell things, just can’t seem to get ahead of them.


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Fun with food

In case you’ve ever been tempted to sculpt fifteen pounds of ground beef, now you know you aren’t alone.

On a more productive note, I’m giving a bunch of celery a second life.

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A green light day

Marta is proud of me today – I took a nice long walk after work, and hit all of my goals. Woot!


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Comrades in caffeine

I’m standing in the kitchen making a cup of coffee with my Aeropress when I glance down and see an itty bitty spider emerge from hiding behind the water pitcher. I watch it scurry across the counter, realizing this is the first spider I’ve seen in the house in a long time.
And then I notice that wee spider is making a beeline for a drop of coffee that fell on the counter. Once there, wee spider bellied right up to the little coffee bar and tucked right in. Apparently spiders need their morning caffeine as much as I do.

20140328-063010.jpgOf course, at six o’clock in the morning, if I stumbled out of bed to find a lake of coffee the size of my body just there for the taking, I sure wouldn’t waste any time either.


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