I was doing laundry yesterday, and a hat that I knit for my daughter was in there – so I washed it, laid it out to dry, and decided to snap a quick photo of it for my Ravelry project page. The kitchen floor provides a nice backdrop and is well-lit, so I laid it on the floor.

Immediately, both cats ran in to see what I was doing.

They are faster than my phone camera, and Amelia kept darting in front of me just as the shutter clicked.

I pushed them out of the frame, composed the shot again, and Amelia scooted in to head-butt my phone.

I had to play with her for a couple of minutes before she’d leave me alone long enough to finally get a picture of the hat!

(Pattern: Hermione Hearts Ron)


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Saw this on another blog and loved the shape and way it uses a yarn with long color changes. I’m using Zauberball, and then a semisolid sock yarn for the contrasting welts.


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Such a fun word for these little dish scrubbies! And a great way to use up cotton yarn scraps. I’ve already made us a bunch of washcloths for the bathroom, but I don’t like full-sized cotton washcloths in the kitchen; these little tawashi are just the right size for dishes, and don’t take much yarn – and you can use 2-3 colors per tawashi for even greater scrap-busting power.

It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but the yellow one is made from two yarns (alternating every two rows), and the blue one has a wedge of a different blue because the scraps ran out. They are knit flat in garter stitch, a simple bias strip 25 stitches across and 60 rows long that is then sewn together at the ends to make a tube and then has each open end gathered tightly – they end up being double thickness. Each tawashi measures 4.25″ in diameter. The directions have you crochet a little hanging loop, but I’m not sure I’ll do that since we don’t have anywhere to hang them in the kitchen sink.


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Fiber update

Since it’s been warm, my knitting projects have been small. I finished two cowls, both the same pattern (Artistry Cowl) but different yarns.

I also got a bit of spinning done, for a change. One project was a mixed batt of wool and silk; it was roughly blended so it drafted in a chunky fashion and I just went with it. The resulting yarn is slightly thick-and-thin.

99 yards from a mixed batt (wool / silk)

And this second one was on my wheel for many months – it’s 8 oz of superwash and while I was aiming for sock yarn, I don’t think the twist is tight enough and it’s definitely not very consistent in thickness… haven’t counted up the yardage yet.

8 oz of sport weight


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Baby, it’s hot outside

Not cook-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot, but too warm to be cooking inside without air conditioning. Which we don’t have. The house has been in the upper 70s to upper 80s for the past couple weeks, and I just can’t bring myself to turn on the oven.
But a gal’s gotta eat – even if the heat does dampen my appetite – so tonight’s dinner consists of strawberries, an heirloom tomato, some carrots, and zucchini.

(The strawberries were already eaten when I decided to take a food pic. They were tasty.)

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We had a little visitor the other day, in broad daylight. I heard one of our cats growling at the window, and went to investigate – fully expecting to see a neighbor cat out there – and discovered a raccoon milling about the garden. He (she?) was cautious but not afraid when I stepped outside; he kept about a ten foot distance from me, walking through the flower beds and along the top of the fence. Once he got to the back, he climbed down to dig in the creeping thyme and pull up a small item to nibble on. Not sure what he was eating, perhaps beetle larvae? I’ve been blaming squirrels for the holes in my garden, but now I think it was this little bandit.

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I spent the past three days with a bunch of friends in a location with no internet and a phone that was having a hard time hanging on to the limited cell reception – but really, we were just having too much fun for me to remember to stop and write a blog post about it. Walks by theĀ ocean, flocks of pelicans to point at, deer to admire, sharks to explore, copious amounts of food (and wine) to consume, shopping to indulge in, movies to sing along with, knitting and spinning to do, and laughing (lots of laughing) all kept me from composing a post – so here are just a few pics to show you what kept me off the grid this weekend:


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