Sock it to ya

There’s quite a bit of sock yarn in my stash, so I guess I’ll make socks. Very un-rainbow socks.

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Unrealistic expectations

I’m reading reviews for computers, and especially the negative ones, to evaluate laptops. Am blown away by how many people leave one star reviews, with “doesn’t even come with MS Office software” as their sole reason for the low rating.
Really? You buy a laptop that only costs $250 and you’re bitching that software which retails for $140+ isn’t included for free? Of course it isn’t included, you nimrod.
Be thankful that $250 gets you a real laptop, with wireless and Bluetooth and webcam and everything.

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I make rainbows

Apparently I am drawn to the graduated color way of the humble rainbow, for I seem to collect and sort my crafting supplies into this happy arrangement.
Yarn, obviously.

Sewing thread as well.

Even my fabric scraps are separated, dark to light, by color.

When a true spectrum does not exist, I still tend to acquire yarn in graduated colors rather than all one color.


Guess I’m just not a single color gal. It does make it challenging to pull from stash for large projects, though. Unless I only make rainbows.

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Here, Kit Kit Kit

It’s been super busy at work, so there’s not much to report on – except I do get a few rounds done on my camisole each commute trip. I’ve started decreasing for the waist shaping. This is pretty fine gauge though, so the length is growing slowly.


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More Kit

It’s far too hot to knit with wool, so my knitting project right now is my linen Kit camisole. It’s coming along nicely.


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Concrete time

The porch project is back underway, and we are doing finish work on the concrete foundation – adding a mow strip (for convenience) and evening out the footing (for the inspection). Getting the forms put in is the hardest part; our soil is so rocky, it’s difficult to dig and level out.



Oh, look – the gas line…

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New project

I’m back from vacation and mostly caught up on sleep (long drives are exhausting), and have little to show for vacation knitting. We were too busy seeing San Francisco to sit and knit much! I brought a new project with me and got just a little done.
This is a Kit Camisole (for me), in linen (pattern and Sparrow yarn from Quince and Company). I actually did a gauge swatch for this, and had to go down a needle size. I am between sizes, but this is a loose-fitting top so I went with the larger size; I think it will be fine at the hips, and I’ll try it on when I get to the waist to see if I need to make the top part a bit smaller. The pattern looks easy enough to modify.


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