Out and about

Vacation suits me.



And though street toilets are far from luxurious, when you gotta go (and the local stores won’t let you use their restroom), it’s a welcome sight.


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Beach bum

Kicking back and relaxing on the beach today. Ahhhhhh…


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The Saddest Story

For a knitter, anyway. A single, hand-knit sock has been found laying in the Oklahoma City airport, all alone. Somewhere, a knitter is unpacking from their trip and lamenting the loss of this sock. Here’s hoping the two are reunited! It won’t be for lack of trying; Ravelry is abuzz with attempts to get the two back together, and the Yarn Harlot put up the Knit Signal today to spread the word. Having lost knitting myself, I feel for this person who may not yet know they are short one sock.

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I was doing laundry yesterday, and a hat that I knit for my daughter was in there – so I washed it, laid it out to dry, and decided to snap a quick photo of it for my Ravelry project page. The kitchen floor provides a nice backdrop and is well-lit, so I laid it on the floor.

Immediately, both cats ran in to see what I was doing.

They are faster than my phone camera, and Amelia kept darting in front of me just as the shutter clicked.

I pushed them out of the frame, composed the shot again, and Amelia scooted in to head-butt my phone.

I had to play with her for a couple of minutes before she’d leave me alone long enough to finally get a picture of the hat!

(Pattern: Hermione Hearts Ron)


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Saw this on another blog and loved the shape and way it uses a yarn with long color changes. I’m using Zauberball, and then a semisolid sock yarn for the contrasting welts.


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Such a fun word for these little dish scrubbies! And a great way to use up cotton yarn scraps. I’ve already made us a bunch of washcloths for the bathroom, but I don’t like full-sized cotton washcloths in the kitchen; these little tawashi are just the right size for dishes, and don’t take much yarn – and you can use 2-3 colors per tawashi for even greater scrap-busting power.

It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but the yellow one is made from two yarns (alternating every two rows), and the blue one has a wedge of a different blue because the scraps ran out. They are knit flat in garter stitch, a simple bias strip 25 stitches across and 60 rows long that is then sewn together at the ends to make a tube and then has each open end gathered tightly – they end up being double thickness. Each tawashi measures 4.25″ in diameter. The directions have you crochet a little hanging loop, but I’m not sure I’ll do that since we don’t have anywhere to hang them in the kitchen sink.


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Fiber update

Since it’s been warm, my knitting projects have been small. I finished two cowls, both the same pattern (Artistry Cowl) but different yarns.

I also got a bit of spinning done, for a change. One project was a mixed batt of wool and silk; it was roughly blended so it drafted in a chunky fashion and I just went with it. The resulting yarn is slightly thick-and-thin.

99 yards from a mixed batt (wool / silk)

And this second one was on my wheel for many months – it’s 8 oz of superwash and while I was aiming for sock yarn, I don’t think the twist is tight enough and it’s definitely not very consistent in thickness… haven’t counted up the yardage yet.

8 oz of sport weight


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