Cowl time

One-skein merino/alpaca cowl in grey; soft and squishy! Fresh off the needles:


And the City Creek Cowl, also finished this weekend:


That one is 14″ around right now (by 13″ tall) but the pattern says to aggressively block it to open the cables up.
Both cowls are blocking this morning; action pics in a couple days.

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Lots of blue

We’ve settled into the low 50s, which makes for lots of blue stripes in my Temperature Scarf.


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At long last, today I finished a quilt.

I’m not the best quilter on the planet, and certainly not the fastest, but I enjoy doing it. This is a jelly roll quilt and I liked the planned randomness of the strips – you just start sewing them together end to end, in the order they come off the roll. This set was so bright and fun, I really had fun putting it together, and then finding backing and binding fabric to pull it all together. It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but the backing has little dots of color that match the strips on the front.

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A quick diversion

for blue cables.

That’s a City Creek Cowl, in loverly Malibrigo Rios, and it’s a squishy cowl that is knitting up quickly. Really quickly. Like, it will probably be done tomorrow, quickly.

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The WordPress app on my phone has quit working, which is super frustrating because I like to compose blog posts while on the train. I have things to show-and-tell:

I’m happy to announce that I finished the red Xmas stocking! It turned out great, I really like it. I’ll sew in a fabric liner to prevent snags.

That blue cowl is coming along nicely as well; it’s more than half done now. It looks pretty much the same (progress pics of scarves are not very exciting), so I won’t bother posting one until it’s done.

What I will post is the in-between projects I whipped out. I know, I said I was going to focus on a couple of projects and not start a bunch of new stuff, but don’t get all judgy on me. It’s my blog.

Granny slippers! They still need pompoms, and perhaps a round of single crochet at the ankle. Super cute, eh? I made a pink and blue pair as well, and have a third pair on the needles, in black and grey. These things go quickly and best of all: use up worsted weight yarn like there’s no tomorrow.

In fabric land: sometimes you just gotta buy yourself a present, so I splurged on a walking foot for my sewing machine. Man oh man, I can’t believe I didn’t buy one of these years ago!

It’s a little dark under there because I have a quilt shoved through the machine and it blocks the light, but that there walking foot is making the quilting go much more quickly (and smoothly). It clatters a bit and seems to work best if I don’t floor the speed pedal, but it makes up for it by not scrunching up my layers and making little unwanted pleats.

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A wee bit of blue

Seattle has settled into its fall funk, with drizzly grey days in the upper fifties. We did get down to 52 a few days ago, which meant I got to put a stripe of blue into my Temperature Scarf. Mostly, though, it’s a lot of green.

The stocking is back on track and the toe is almost done; it gets a zigzag stripe and then a quick toe cap.

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Back up the bus

One of these days I’ll learn to listen to my Inner Knitting Voice. The IKV is usually right, and it would save me a lot of time and frustration if I would just stop when it tells me that things are going a little sideways in the knitting.

It was hollering loudly yesterday, telling me the stocking was too long, that I didn’t knit the heel flap long enough (though I followed the directions exactly), that I was running out of yarn because the WHOLE DANG THING WAS WAY TOO BIG.

I carried on anyway, ignoring the IKV like a teenager ignores anyone over the age of twenty. I knit through an entire movie, telling the IKV to stuff it, the stocking was fine. A little big, yes, but fine. I am following the pattern. I was so confident that I was right on track that I even wove in the ends as I went.

And the heel flap? Well, I’m an experienced knitter, I’ll just wing it. Yeah, the pattern says pick up 18 gusset stitches and I can only fit in 11, but I’ll make it work.

Oh, those additional gusset stitches will affect the colorwork on the foot? No big deal, I’ll just tweak the colorwork pattern a bit to make it fit.

Crap, without those gusset stitches, the foot is oddly shortened compared to the gigantic top that is the stocking body.

Why isn’t the heel flap longer? The dimensions in the pattern say the entire stocking length is 21″, which I presume means top of cuff to tip of toe at a slight diagonal. My stocking, well, it’s 20″ to the bottom of the too-short heel flap, and I still have the entire foot to knit.

As I was trying to take that picture, I had my arm extended up as far as I could reach in order to fit the entire stocking in the pic. And when I saw that the stocking was going to end up longer than my legs, I had to admit my IKV may have had a point.

So, yeah… I ripped out three zigzag stripe sections on the upper leg and knit a heel flap proportionately longer so that I could pick up 18 gusset stitches. Hey – the colorwork is working out on the foot section now! And I may not have needed that second skein of red yarn.

Row gauge, bah.

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