The hooks are out!

I was ready for a change of pace, so I grabbed a crochet hook and started a wavy hat. Using up worsted wool scraps AND adding to my Xmas gift tote. Win-win. This is how much I got done on the train during my morning commute:

Oh – and I finished the handspun mitts:

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Stripes – sometimes they work

It pleases me to no end that I am capable of spinning yarn that is knitable. I really enjoy spinning, but I’m not a technical fanatic so my results vary. Sometimes they vary widely, and in no way can I predict what a finished yarn will look like, but I can get fiber to┬áreliably end up as yarn that I can actually knit with. Awhile back I spun up a lovely hank in “Black Raspberry” and the yarn is between DK and worsted; I decided a pair of fingerless mitts would be lovely. So far, so good, with subtle stripes.

I’m also working on my┬áTemperature Scarf. It seems I have chosen the ugliest time of year to begin, as our temps are jumping across wide ranges —- so I have unpleasant stripes of lime green and construction-cone orange, interspersed with school bus yellow. People keep telling me it will get better. I hope so.

(Note: no cats were harmed in the staging of this photo; in fact, she prefers I knit things large enough to cover her like a blanket, and she’s fairly unhappy with my recent bout of small knitting projects.)

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Lakeside finish

This weekend was mostly spent lakeside, enjoying good food with friends — and a pile of projects that needed ends woven in.

So while I worked on all those ends, I got to enjoy this view:

We all tromped out to the dock at some point, to photograph the spectacular cloud displays.

The lake was glass-smooth, which made for fantastic reflective photo opps, too.

Last night I blocked all those FOs.

Under the watchful eye of one curious calico, who managed to balance herself on a most precarious perch.

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Or maybe these will be mine

Blue heaven in a mitt, I tell ya.


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The other Mmmmm

Madeline tosh. Yum.

(I finished the malabrigo mitts. Pics later, after I weave in ends. )

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I do like malabrigo yarn – it’s so soft and squishy! And it makes lovely mitts, too. Got a pair almost done and they’re supposed to go in the Xmas gift box, but they’re calling my name…


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On a roll

Fog has us socked in this morning and the sky is a disconcerting shade of warm grey. It mutes all other colors, and even the bright fall display on the coral bark maple seems lackluster.

The fog dampens all sounds, and lies heavy on the spiderwebs; the creators have abandoned their handiwork and taken refuge beneath sodden leaves.

It also makes me want to curl up in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee and my knitting. With October upon us, the gift knitting has taken priority over personal knits, because while my gift box has a decent stash of presents in it, there never seems to be enough time to make everything I want to.
I am currently working on fingerless mitts; finished two pairs recently and have a third on the needles.

And the un-rainbow socks are in the home stretch.

I’m not the only one thinking of cozy knits – saw these at the mall the other day:


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