Rainy days

Watching it rain while I eat my lunch and knit a few rows on a new pair of socks.

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I started a top-down hat with a striping yarn, but the top is flashing in an interesting way. I’m sort of hoping it settles down into actual stripes, but also sort of hoping it keeps doing this.

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Find Your Fade update

Plugging away on this between other projects, it is getting long! I’m on color 4 out of 7 and the shaping has just shifted (you can see it in the upper left) to become asymmetrical. The width won’t change from here on, it will just go a bit sideways. 🙂

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In situ

One of the best things a knitter can learn to do is fix mistakes without ripping out miles of yarn. I am working on a pair of socks with a simple rib, that somehow I messed up (not paying attention) and then tried to fix too late and ended up messing it up more. Today I sat down to tackle what was really an easy fix, just a little fiddly.

Here’s the sock, with needles at the two errors.

To start, I used a short DPN to pick up the stitches along the bottom of my repair section. I went a full row lower and a stitch wider on either side, to ensure I got it all. Nine stitches total.

Then, dropping stitches on purpose.

This is the part that people usually panic about. It’s ok, they can’t go too far.

Twelve rows down, I got to my holding needle. I used a second DPN to then start reknitting each strand.

That’s the fiddly part, working with short loops.

But it works.

And a couple full rounds later, the repair is almost invisible – the remaining tension weirdness will totally ease out in the first washing.

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More and more hats

Finished the cabled hat.

And a Snap hat by TinCanKnits. Pompom!

Winter is coming.

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A different kind of hat

The owl hats still need eyes, but I set them aside to cast on a cabled hat for the Christmas list.

The pattern is Jason’s Cashmere Hat (free on Ravelry), but I don’t have cashmere yarn so I’m using a Cascade Aran instead.

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Owl binge

I don’t have a problem, I can stop anytime. I just don’t want to yet!

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