Revisiting the Wingspan

I reached out to the dyer of the yarn I was using for the Wingspan, to see if she had more. She did not, but she had a couple options with similar colors that I got to try out. 

In the end, I decided on a coordinating semi-solid yarn that pulls the blue from the main yarn, and striped them together before switching to the new yarn. I think it looks pretty good. 

The lighter color will be used across the top edge to finish it, so it should tie in well. There will be 2 points in the lighter yarn, which will balance it out. 

Today I did some rearranging in the craft room. I’m trying to get more organized, and am clearing out some old stuff. Anyway, I had to move my yarn to a new shelf. A few minutes ago I took the little ball of leftover dark yarn from the Wingspan in to put it away. 
Guess what I found on the sock yarn shelf. 

Yep, a whole ‘nother skein of the dark yarn…

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Letting the yarn do its thing

I found a skein of sock yarn at the bottom of a shelf, and decided to knit it up.I thought the colors would be nice and spring-like, and expected either stripes or variegated results. 

It didn’t knit up as I’d pictured in my head. 

But I forged on, letting the crazy colors do their thing. 

Until I had one sock done. 

I started the second, not bothering to match up the repeats. 

And yesterday I finished the heel gusset on the second sock. This is to be a crazy pair of socks! Not for the faint of heart.

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When the going gets rough

I’ve had a rough few months and figured the best way to keep myself from devolving into a sad puddle of self pity is to focus instead on helping others who are worse off. To that end, I am making a stack of warm hats to donate to a local shelter. Every hat I makes reminds me to be thankful for what I have, and to think about those less fortunate. 

Two down, many more to go. 

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Spinning spring

At Madrona earlier this month, I picked up some spinning fiber – and this one just lept into my bag. 

Look at it! It just screams DAFFODILS to me, and I was apparently really needing that burst of sunshine because I spun it up right away. A quick soak, and hung to dry. 

I did fractal spin, which worked out really well with this colorway. I love it! Haven’t counted up the yardage yet, but should be around 150 yards. 

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Sock sack

While I figure out what to do about the Wingspan, I took a knitting break and sewed myself a little two-a-time sock sack with spare fat quarters. It’s a pattern I had in my Craftsy account; it has three sizes (I made the smallest). I really like the divider and yarn guides; my socks just sit on top of the yarn balls. If I was doing a single sock, the yarn would be on one side and the sock on the other. 

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Losing at yarn chicken

Not going to make it. This is a Wingspan, and I’m only half thru the 7th point out of 8.  Setting this in timeout while I hunt down either another skein of the same or a complementary color to finish it off. (yarn is from a local indie dyer who is no longer in business; but I’m checking with her too).


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And this, too

I finished my Temperature Scarf!

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