On the edge

I have finished all four quadrants of my Hue Shift afghan, and picked up the first edge for the border! Very exciting, almost exciting enough to overturn my dread of black yarn. 

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Feeling gradient

I will admit, I’ve been taken in by all the lovely gradient yarns that hit the market recently. I adore them. It can be a bit of a challenge finding the right project for a skein, but when it works out it’s like magic. I just finished this cowl, and it only took half the skein – so I cast on a second! Got that yarn on a yarn store crawl earlier this year. 

Pattern: The Escarpment Cowl

Yarn: Alexandria’s Crafts (from Silverton, OR), Pendleton gradient

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Freshly hooked

I just finished a small blanket, out of some cotton yarn I got on sale and didn’t know what to do with (doh!). Used every bit of it.


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Almost socks

About an inch of cuff left to do. Mystery yarn that I think might be Trekking XXL, with grey Hazel Knits for the accents. These are cozy!

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Signs of fall

A big signal at our house that summer is over, is the appearance of handknit socks in the “wash gently” laundry bag. 


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Maine Mitts, two pairs from a mystery ball. 

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Putting this out there

I turn 45 in a couple weeks, and over the summer I decided to start running. I am not a runner. 

Really, not a runner. My knees just aren’t up to it, and they let me know pretty quick that I need to stop that nonsense. But I’ve lost fifteen pounds this year, and that seems to have made a huge difference in my knees, and so I started running. I was athletic in school, and I walk many miles each week so it’s it’s not like I’m a complete slug, but I haven’t really run in 27 years. 

I’m using the Couch To 5k app, which is interval training. Every week it has more running and less walking, until eventually you run for an entire half hour without stopping. I’m halfway there.

And so, I’ve decided to put a goal out there: I plan on running my first half marathon when I am 45. I don’t know which one, or exactly when, but sometime this upcoming year. 


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