Rookie mistake

I am nearing the end of the Autopilot Cowl, and my hands needed a break from the small needles so I popped a hat project in my bag this morning. What I failed to do was to see where I was in the pattern, and read ahead to see that I needed larger needles for the next section. Do I have larger needles with me? Of course not. Guess who isn’t knitting today.

On a plus note, I am inordinately proud of my self control – I literally walk right by my LYS twice a day and I did not go in to buy more needles.

No knitting to show you, so how about a sneak peak of a quilt I started yesterday?

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Selfish knitting

I received some lovely alpaca / silk yarn as a gift, with the instructions to make something for myself. So I am.

One “Copilot Cowl”, coming right up.

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Just a bit of catch-up


That’s the sound of the days as they fly by. Sheesh.

We pretty much have the house put back in order, random left-behinds that she actually wanted have been gathered up and shipped to the youngest fledgling, and the remnants packed neatly and stored in her old room – which is now also being used the house the grandchild’s toys. We have settled into a monthly “overnight at the grandparents” routine, which is amazingly fulfilling. I love that little nugget so much it hurts, and I enjoy every minute we get to spend with her. It takes some of the echo out of the empty nest.

Several friends of mine have lost loved ones recently, and it really makes you stop and appreciate what you have in your life, that reminder that it can be gone in the blink of an eye.

It also makes me recommit to taking better care of myself; I have just started a course of chiropractic treatment to resolve some shoulder pain that I have been just ignoring for several months. Turns out, my posture has really deteriorated over the years (not surprising) and I’m feeling the effects. Quality of life and all that, I’m tackling this issue before it gets worse.

Plus – can’t have shoulder pain interfering with my crafting time. Ya know.

Speaking of: I finished that grey mystery wool – it’s loosely plied and washed, and it bloomed much more than I expected. While spinning I was certain I was going to end up with DK-weight yarn, but it is a bouncy worsted weight, easily. Got quite a bit of yardage, too; it isn’t the softest wool I’ve spun, but it isn’t too bad. Maybe a hat would suit it. Or some seriously warm slippers.

And I cast on a sock. Yes, just one. It has a cable in the pattern and I’m doing the leg and heels solo, then I’ll put both on one needle to finish the feet (to ensure they are the same size). I had a bit of a misstep (pun intended) with the first attempt; I had grabbed needles a size smaller than what I typically use, and didn’t do a gauge swatch. You know what happened. Anyway, since I wanted the sock to fit an adult human, I had to start over on larger needles and it fits just fine now. I wish I could say lesson learned, but I’m pretty sure I’ll make the same mistake again at some point.

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Spinning and stuff

Things have been pretty chaotic around here lately, with our youngest child leaving the nest to embark on her own adult journey. The Mr and I are slowly getting the house back in order and taking the opportunity to tackle other long-overdue tidying projects – like cleaning out the coat closet.

For me, in the crafty arena, this also means taking a hard look at partially-completed projects and determining if they will ever be finished or if it’s time to move on. There is an afghan that didn’t make the cut…

My goal is to focus on the old stuff before succumbing to the allure of the new; this includes spinning. I dug deep in the fiber stash and pulled out a sizable ball of grey “wool blend”, and started spinning. One bobbin down.

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Post holiday crash

Happy holidays to you! I hope you got to do what makes you happy – whether that involves people in your life or just a good movie on the TV. It’s fairly busy around our place, with assorted family and friend get-togethers, office events, and so forth. There has been plenty of crafting as well, mostly for presents. I think I gifted seven pairs of hand-knit socks this year, along with a hat, a cowl, and a sweater for a little person. There were also handmade spice blends for some folks, and the Mr. made a bunch of yummy treats.

Soapmaking has slowed down as I enter my “off season”, but there is still business stuff to take care of (like bookkeeping, inventory, and so forth) that keeps me in the soap studio a fair amount.

Here is an unfinished project, on the loom:

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Rainy days

Watching it rain while I eat my lunch and knit a few rows on a new pair of socks.

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I started a top-down hat with a striping yarn, but the top is flashing in an interesting way. I’m sort of hoping it settles down into actual stripes, but also sort of hoping it keeps doing this.

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