3.5 ounces of blue bliss

It’s so pretty! 155 yards of worsted polwarth wool, lofty and bouncy and more consistent than I thought it would be given my rather haphazard spinning of it.

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Stash acquisitions

When I buy yarn, I try really hard to have a project in mind. I was mostly successful with that plan while at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat; a fair amount of my purchases were sock yarns (if I’m going to knit twelve pairs this year, I need options!). This is clearly shaping up to be the Year Of Stripes, as my choices were self-striping varieties.

I plan on making myself a sweater – am leaning towards Tin can Knits’ “Flax Light” – but before committing to twelve or fifteen hundreds yards I got just two small skeins of Brooklyn Tweed to sample (they will become a hat and mitts so I can test the fabric weight).

Those were the acquisitions I planned on shopping for; and then I walked into a booth that had a sample knit up of a cowl pattern I bought earlier this week. And I just had to get the yarn to go with it.

While that was not in the original plan, it is for a (very specific) pattern, and will serve as a nice diversion from all the socks.

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Madrona knitting

I will take photos of the stash acquisitions later; rest assured that I successfully spent my entire yarn allowance today. 🙂

And now, I’m having a bit of a sit-down and knitting on my next pair of socks (#3 for this year), surrounded by fifty or so fellow yarn folks.

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WIP updates

According to Ravelry, I’ve finished ten projects this year – it’s actually more, because I don’t get everytging logged in – but most were begun last year. For this year, the socks I cast on in January are more than half done. These are my commuter knitting project.

I cast on a second pair in a DK yarn so they are going much faster, despite a lace pattern on the instep. Just about to start the gusset increases.

And the other hat I started last month is coming along slowly; it has several different cables which require I follow the chart carefully; not good commuter or TV knitting.

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A bit of a spin

It has been months since I had my wheel out, but yesterday I took advantage of several toddler-free hours to set it up and dug out some fiber from the attic. A couple of documentaries later, I had a bobbin of two-ply ready to skein off. It was a quick-and-dirty spin, I expect it to be somewhat ‘rustic’ when it’s washed. Should be enough yardage for a hat.

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It’s the little things

Even in this internet age, I find myself turning to handwritten recipe cards that my mom made for me when I moved out on my own. Today, a batch of Unbaked Cookies.

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But first, a hat

All done and in the gift pile. I’m really happy with how this turned out; it’s some of my favorite spinning to date.

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