Saying goodbye is never easy

On Friday night the patriarch of the Mr.’s family shuffled off this mortal coil. A good, loving, intelligent, and funny man has left the world just a little dimmer with his departure. At 93, he had touched a lot of lives; we mourn the loss but celebrate his life.

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Back at it

Knitting! Hurrah! My finger feels pretty good and I’m able to knit with abandon once more. I’m using up some excess handspun, working up a pair of fingerless mitts.



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Feeling old

Apparently I pulled some muscles in my lower back over the weekend – most likely from loading and unloading the truck for the street fair, lifting totes of soap. And the tent. And the tables. Gah, back pain makes a body feel old! I’ve got an appointment with a back cracker today, who will hopefully tell me I need several insurance-covered massages (hint hint, doc).

On a good note, I was able to knit a bit last night! As I sat in my recliner whining about my back, I managed several rounds on my Temperature Scarf. My finger isn’t entirely healed, but it is getting there. I’ve got almost full mobility in it again, so I can tension my yarn fairly well. Not well enough that I’d risk picking up a more complicated WIP quite yet, but the simple stockinette seemed doable. So that’s a good thing.

I am behind on my Temperature Scarf — it suffered a major setback when I ran out of two colors, and KnitPicks no longer carries the same shades. I got the closest substitutes, but wasn’t loving them… Last night I figured I’d better just go with it and get the doggone thing done already.

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Last week I smashed my finger in a file cabinet. Not just any file cabinet, this is one of the big ones – four feet wide and five feet tall; by this time of year the drawers must weigh a hundred pounds each. And one of those drawers was hungry for something meatier than paper. I filed something and closed the drawer, and it closed faster than I anticipated and, well, my pinkie finger got munched with the full force of several cases of printer paper encased in steel. I’ve got a lovely bruise along the nail, bruising on the pad of my finger, and two rather deep gouges on the knuckle where the cabinet ate some flesh. It is healing, but pinkie fingers are surprisingly useful and I’m finding many things difficult to manage with it bandaged up.

Like typing. I learned to type “for real” and so I use all ten digits. There is a lot of correcting going on right now.

And knitting. I tension my yarn with my pinkie finger, and it doesn’t bend all the way yet so the knitting is on hold. I was able to crochet a row on my scrap blanket, but it was very slow and uncomfortable. *sigh*

So, I’ve been reading. I’m working my way through Neil Patrick Harris’ “Choose Your Own Adventure” autobiography (actually, I already read through it once, but I missed the bits about magic so I’m going back through.)

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No quality assurance here

I have a love/hate relationship with candy corn, and I generally get to my sugar saturation point after four or five pieces. This was the fourth piece of Brach’s I pulled from the bowl. I guess I’m done.


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In cuffs

I started the cuffs of the Poesie socks; since I purl a little looser than I knit, I went down one needle size to avoid the ribbing turning out too slack.
And since I didn’t have a circular in the proper size, I had to go with dpns.


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I finished the Willow Cowl on the way home last night. It turned out great!


I don’t know how much yardage it took, because my handspun lost its label… But I had plenty of yarn left – enough that I’m thinking of making fingerless mitts to go with it.
The cowl is long enough to pull up over my head, too. :)


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