Porch time

I dusted off our patio chairs and set them out on the porch, where I’m going to do a bit of Sunday spinning with the hummingbirds. And what am I spinning today?

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Purple hats

I made a couple of tiny purple hats for donation. So itsy bitsy!

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Feeling productive

Some weekends we work work work around the house and never seem to get anything done. Well, this weekend I knocked several projects off the list. 

I painted the side of our carport-turned-shop. It hasn’t been painted in over 40 years and was a hodgepodge of a few colors. Now it matches the house! (We are saving the fascia boards for a separate project, because they need lots of prep.)

We got rid of a bunch of stuff that used to be stored along that wall. 

I also got our garden tools hung up on the backside of my soap studio. It’s not being painted because the whole studio will be replaced in a year or two, and this wall isn’t visible from the house so I can ignore it a bit longer. 

I also got our front door painted. I love it!

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At least something is thriving

Most of our garden is a bust this year – between record rainfall during a cold spring and then an overnight swing to the longest dry spell and high temps for the summer, most things couldn’t survive. 

But the tomatoes, they are digging this weather. Glad I picked up some mozzarella cheese at the farmers market; I’ll be eating lots of salads!

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Life intervenes with social stuff

Still knitting! And finishing projects! Just not blogging… So, hey – look at the sock toes I just cast on with Shibui.

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Blocking party

I’ve got quite a stack of finished items in need of blocking, so while I waited for the primer on the front door to dry I grabbed a few and tossed them in a bowl to soak. Two pairs of socks, two cowls, and a Wingspan are now laid out to dry, which shouldn’t take long in this heat.

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Shut the front door

With nearly all of the house painting done, we are down to just the random bits – including the front door. It is original to the house, which makes it 75 years old – and it has at least five layers of paint on it. We just can’t add another, and quite a bit of it was peeling off anyway, so today I started stripping it down.  

Green, white, yellow, red, and blue paint are coming off slowly; tomorrow I’ll sand it down and fill some of the cracks & holes before giving it a new primer coat. We aren’t sure what color to paint it yet; it’s tough because it has both blue and grey next to it on the porch so we are hesitant about introducing yet another color. It may end up white. 

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