Long tail cast on win! One attempt, 168 stitches, with just enough tail left. Woot! It’s going to be a good day. 🙂

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Not seeing straight

One of the fun things about failing eyesight is having to do something over again, because you didn’t see the pattern correctly the first time.

I’m making an Aviary Hat, by Abundant Earth Fiber – in their luscious United Tribe wool (it really is gorgeous: bouncy and warm and soft). I figured this would be a quick, easy knit for my healing hands. And it probably would be, if I had put on my glasses to read the chart and seen that there are TWO rounds of stockinette between purl rows in the pattern (as opposed to the ONE round I knit). I got a good couple inches in before I caught it, so unnecessary knitting when I should probably be avoiding it altogether. *sigh*

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Slow but somewhat steady

I am seeing a new acupuncturist, to speed the healing along on my hands; it definitely seems to be helping, and I’m able to do most activities again (though I wear a brace as needed). I’m still laying low in the knitting arena but doing some crochet here and there; really enjoying working with my handspun on this scarf! It’s a long wedge that just gets wider and wider – perfect for just using up every inch of yarn. When it is done, I will find a button to attach to one corner to hold it in place.

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Hookin’ for the win

The tendonitis in my hands is definitely aggravated by knitting — but crochet seems to be ok as long as the tension isn’t too tight (so, no amigurami). I’ve been doing just a little crochet here and there, working on an afghan and a little beanie, and giving my hands lots of rest in between.

Since knit socks are all on hold for now, and the afghan isn’t very portable, I started a new scarf this morning – in crochet – with some lovely polwarth I spun last year. I’m cautiously optimistic that my hands won’t holler too much; I have too much yarn to give up both knitting and crochet!

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Finally spring

The wettest April is finally releasing its soggy grasp and we have a bit of spring going on. I’m taking full advantage by enjoying the view from my hammock.

Currently reading Sleep Tight.

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Trouble ahead

My hand pain has eased with rest but not abated, so I’m headed to the doctor later to get it checked out.

Anyway: since a complete stop of needle arts didn’t cure me, I have been doing light progress here and there on a couple projects. Not much to show, but I have noticed an imbalance in the red & blue socks.

See it? There is (literally, I weighed them) twice as much of the blue left but I’ve been making the socks simultaneously. Inconsistent skeins!oh no! Ordinarily I wouldn’t worry about it, but these were barely 100 grams together and I’m making man socks… Yeah, yardage…

I guess the red sock will get extra blue at the top!

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Imperfect Produce (review)

We got our first box of fruits and veggies from Imperfect Produce last night, and first impressions are excellent! It was easy to customize our box online and remove the evil bell peppers; this customization also allows you to increase or decrease the overall contents — so you can double up on something without having to take something else out. With text notification of delivery I knew exactly when to expect the box (and thereby thwart would-be produce thieves).

I opted to get the Medium Box of regular (non-organic) fruit & veg mix for our first box — but there are several options available. We got about twelve pounds of perfectly edible produce for $15 (got free delivery on our first box; future boxes will be about $20). If you use my referral link you can save $10 off your first order. Not a bad deal at all!

Our box contained three russet potatoes, three grapefruit, a couple apples, broccoli, a beet, three avocados, two zucchini, three onions, quite a few carrots, and four or five satsumas. Though the sizes were unusual compared to what my grocery store typically carries (the avocados weren’t much bigger than chicken eggs, while the beet was pretty darned huge), there was nothing outwardly “wrong” with any of it. I had a carrot last night and a couple satsumas this morning, all delicious. An apple and potato await me for lunch.

GeekWire had a great review of them last fall, comparing prices to other home-delivery options (TLDR: Imperfect Produce came out ahead).

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