Where have you been?

It was just what I needed.

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May 11 – 15 in photos

May 11: daily

May 12: a rare treat

May 13: warmth

May 14: cold

May 15: above

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WIP Wednesday

But only barely – twenty minutes more and these socks will be done!


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It’s a mother of a day

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s been a nice one so far; well wishes from the boys (plus a card and a rain check for dinner in a couple days), some truffles & a new sun hat from the Mr., and a¬†pedicure compliments of my daughter.

Getting pampered!

I did have to make several batches of soap, but otherwise it’s been a nice relaxing day – did some knitting and will pull out the wheel after I post this. I also blocked a bias skirt; after it dries I’ll seam up the side and knit on a waistband for the elastic. For now, it looks a lot like a towel.

Oh – and the photo challenge is still on. May 6th thru 9th were: monochrome, colorful, inside, outside. Here are my four pictures (in order):



“Inside” (of a construction site)


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A thousand words

I like to take photos but I am by no means a photographer. I’ve never invested the time to learn about apertures, white balance, or shutter speeds – but I like photos and so I joined a May photo challenge on craftsy.com. It’s one of those “take a photo every day for a month” things with a list of daily topics.
The first three days were “up close”, “from afar”, and “handcrafted”. I really had to think on that last one, because my immediate thought was to take a pic of my knitting! But since the whole point is to make me think differently about taking pictures, I went with a couple of old wooden boats. Here are my first three pics:




The 4th was “moon” and I wasn’t able to find anything… It was cloudy and no other inspiration struck – so I’m going to keep my eye out and fill that one in later.¬† Today was “sun”, and on my morning commute there was a beautiful sunbreak that I was able to capture from the train.


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Take two

On to the second neon sock!


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WIP Wednesday


Onwards to the toe!

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