WIP Wednesday is for the birds

This one is, at least. I’m making bird nests.



Why? Because some babies get separated from their parents and need to be rescued. And twig nests don’t survive the washing machine.



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Very nearly

The socks are so close to being done! I started the cuff this morning.


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FO Friday (not)

I don’t have any Finished Objects to show you. I need to get a ton of sh*t done, and have dozens of projects under way, and I just am not getting anything completed.

Porch – no progress whatsoever in the past two weeks. I need to buy some new caulking; the stuff I used was a bit old and too thick to properly get into the smaller cracks, so it’s peeling off already in a couple places.

Reading – still working on the June book club pick (Liar, Temptress, Soldier Spy). We meet on Sunday, and I don’t think I’ll be done by then. This wouldn’t bother me as much if it wasn’t MY pick for the month; it looks bad for the host to not finish the book!

Sewing – have not had time to put the zipper into my arrow-print “Amelia” dress. It’s otherwise completed, taunting me in its near-readiness. I have a stack of other garments I would like to make myself, too.

Knitting / crochet – um, yeah. Fifteen or so WIPs and nothing off the needles this week. The socks are almost to the top cuff, though, so they’re close. I’ve been leaving them at home this week in order to read on the train instead (see above).

Soap making – definitely need to pump out some batches this weekend. I’ve got a booth at a street fair in three weeks and though I’ve got enough inventory for the fair itself, there would be nothing left afterwards – and I don’t want to be “that behind” for the show I have in September.

Plus, I’m way overdue for a haircut. And my annual physical. And I need to get the lenses in my reading glasses replaced (got a new prescription). I’m sure I need to get to the grocery store, plan some dinners, and do a bit of housework. Oy.


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Hitting the books


Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy – by Karen Abbott.

I picked the book for this month’s book club, and I’m not quite halfway through it – but I am finding it an enjoyable read (for a history book). It’s about the Civil War, and four women in particular who were not content with society’s view of a woman’s place. They each, in their way, supported the war and showed tremendous bravery and chutzpah. The women also interacted with a wide range of historical figures, including President Lincoln, Stonewall Jackson, and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Our book club meeting is on Sunday, and like I said – I’m only halfway through the book. I’ll be reading instead of knitting on the train this week!

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Prepping for Christmas

I’m still working on those socks – they’re past the heels now and I’m chugging along up the legs. I was getting a wee bit tired of knitting them, so I made a quick diversion and knocked out a couple of hats for the Christmas box (hey, at least I didn’t make a baby sweater!). One is slouchy.

The other is not.

I also prepped several projects, winding the yarn and bagging it up with the pattern and needles. First up is an Ondine shawl, with Fiddle Knits yarns in Amethyst and Opal (it’s difficult to see in the pic, but the white one has small bits of blue, purple, and yellow).

Then there’s an Azalea Ring scarf, which is a pattern and yarn I picked up on a yarn crawl.

This last one is handspun, from some lovely yak fiber that my oldest son got me awhile back – I’m going to make a Pretty Thing cowl with it.

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Scrappy it is, then

Trillian is a yarn hog. She’s eating up yarn faster than I anticipated, and so I’m having to figure out what yarns I can use to get the scarf to a usable size without becoming a scrap nightmare. I’m currently working through two blacks, but they won’t go far and I will need to find another ball to add. It’s quite striking right now, don’t you think?

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Switching it up

My current sock project and I had a little disagreement (something about two heel turns on the same sock), and they’ve been set aside to deal with some quiet evening.
Taking their place in my knitting bag this morning is the Trillian scarf – which had been on hold because I ran out of magenta yarn. Refusing to buy more, I found a couple leftovers in my stash that should work just fine.


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