FO Friday

Feels like it’s been awhile since I had a finished object to show, but I have one now — the log cabin afghan is done!


It’s a good lap size and quite cozy since its all garter stitch. Amelia will be sad that she won’t be able to snuggle under it anymore; I think this has been one of her favorite projects.


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WIP Wednesday

The Dots or Dashes cowl is now 5″ tall; there’s two more inches to go in this section, then it changes to smaller needles and just the lighter purple yarn. Total finished height per the pattern is 11″, so I’m not quite halfway there.


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Of cowls, tanks, and blankets

A durned sinus thing got in the way of my porch plans, so I stayed inside and tidied up my craft room instead. I didn’t tackle the sewing stuff, but got the yarn and spinning fiber organized. I’m pretty well set on yarn. Heh.



That’s only about half of the stash.

Anyway – I got all my WIPs gathered into one bucket, and decided to revisit one that has been hibernating since my inner knitter voice told me something wasn’t right – a Daphne tank.  Very glad I listened, because I put it on waste yarn and tried it on, discovering that it was much too large around the torso, though the shoulders were perfect. I’d only gotten an inch of body knit, so it wasn’t much to pull out. It’s back on the needles now, one size smaller.


I got more done on the log cabin afghan while watching Harry Potter, just the final edge left.


I’m looking forward to finishing this, because there’s another WIP I need to get back to – a mostly complete Babette blanket.  It takes up a lot of room.

The purple cowl will continue to be my commuter knitting. It’s 4.5″ tall, needs to be 11″ so I’ve got a fair bit to go. Loving the yarn!


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Progress on the home front

Hey, hey – remember our front porch? The one we are building? Well, that project is back in action; we passed three inspections earlier this week, and have two more today. It’s been such a mild winter, I figured we might as well get back to it now! We have a long list of house projects we want to tackle, but we have to get the porch done first.
In knitting news, the slip stitch cowl is moving right along. It’s great commuter knitting, but with 180 stitches on size 5s, the progress isn’t as impressive as some projects. I really like the pattern and yarn.


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Slip stitching


The cowl I’m working on today is done with slipped stitches, creating a subtle texture and playing nicely with the introduction of the second color.

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A good weekend

A very productive weekend was had around here, I must say. I fell into a fit of domesticity and baked, cleaned, and did yard work. The vegetable garden is now prepped and weeded; I planted the first crop of sugar snap peas and radishes, and I marveled at the beets that wintered over.

There are three of them, all a little slug-nibbled but I’m still impressed that they survived the winter. The garlic and onions are also doing well.

It’s a bit early to plant much else yet, we aren’t past our frost danger despite the warm winter we’ve had so far. I did buy all my seeds, though! The birds are also loving this early spring. The bird feeder is a popular hangout for the┬áchickadees, robins, starlings, and stellar jays, and the hummingbirds are happy that we keep their feeder up all year.

On the house front, I did a little un-construction on the porch so that we can hopefully pass another inspection. Had to remove a couple of decking boards so they can verify the anchor bolts and joist hangers, and siding from one knee wall so they can check the framing. While I did that, the Mr. worked on plumbing – we are finally getting the water run to the garage so we can move the washing machine out there! The dryer has been out there for awhile, but the washer still lives in the hallway. Not very convenient, and we need the space for other uses.

I didn’t have a lot of time for knitting this weekend, but I am about to go sit and get caught up on my Temperature Scarf; I’ve got six days to do. The temps have been pretty steady in the 50s, so lots of blue and green in the scarf.

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The land of fog and water

The Ski Socks are in time-out, the wool skirt is too bulky to be commuter knitting, the colorwork hat is charted so there’s no way I can drag that along to knit on the train, I’m studiously ignoring the other WIPs stashed in various project bags in my craft room (most of them are also too large for commuter knitting) and so: I started a “Dots or Dashes” cowl. I’m pretty sure I got the pattern and yarn during last year’s LYS crawl. No pic yet, I just cast on yesterday, so here is what the view looked like this morning from my office:

Pretty neat, with the ships playing hide-and-seek in the fog.


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