Just, just…

I’m at a loss to express how I feel about today, as we usher in our 45th. This isn’t the first president I didn’t respect, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. And this isn’t the first time I’ve had real dread about what the president could do.

But this is the first time we’ve had someone who so blatantly disregards everything I think a leader should possess. He doesn’t respect the chair he’s about to sit in, or the people he is supposed to protect and represent. 

So as I try to wrap my head around what this means for  our country, I am keeping my hands busy so my thoughts can percolate. 

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It’s happened

I have become That Person.

I was at work, drinking my coffee and getting ready to start on invoices. And I couldn’t find my glasses. I was frantically searching my desk, but they weren’t in the case, not in my in-box, not on my desk. In desperation, but feeling slightly silly, I call out to my administrative assistant, who sits around the corner from me:”Karyn! I can’t find my glasses!”

K: (after a slight pause) “Are they on top of your head?”

Me: (after checking, because that’s happened before, hence K’s pause) “No”

K: “Did you leave them in the kitchen?

Me: “No” (I know this without checking, because I went to the kitchen to get coffee and definitely didn’t have my glasses on for that because I can’t walk with them on, it makes me dizzy. And we already established they aren’t on my head, therefore: not in the kitchen.)

K: “Did you leave them in the bathroom?”

Me: “eww, no.”

I’m still looking around my office for them, so she gets up from her desk to walk into my office to help me look and as she passes the window she points at my desk and says, “They are right there.”

Me: (with rising panic because this is what I feared) “Where?? I don’t see them!”

K: (another slight pause, and this time I can tell she’s holding in laughter) “Right there, next to your coffee cup.”

Almost quite literally TOUCHING my coffee cup, which is never far from my hand. The coffee that I had almost fully consumed while I searched, so I’d been lifting and replacing the mug in pretty  much the same spot, right next to the very glasses I couldn’t find.


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Women’s March on Washington

Dropping these off at a local drop site tomorrow! They will be shipped to Washington DC for the march on the 21st. 

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WIP shaming

On my 42nd birthday, I started knitting a Temperature Scarf, along with someone else in my knitting group. I (we) did great, for awhile. For most of the year, actually. But it was difficult to knit a long, wool scarf through the summer, and by mid September I just couldn’t take it any more and I put the scarf away until the weather could cool off a bit. 

Then the holidays happened. And then, I just didn’t get back to it. The scarf sat in a bag. And sat. An entire year went by and every now and then I’d think about the scarf, but that was all. 

Another holiday season happened. 

And then a different person from my knitting group asked about the scarf, and tonight I pulled it from the bag – to discover that I only had 12 days left. Twelve measly days! Twenty-four rounds!

Guess what I’ll be working on tomorrow. 

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Shuttin’ it down

We get a lot of solicitor calls at my office. All of our incoming calls still go through the front desk so we can screen these out. I know it’s their job, but we are trying to our jobs, too, and these calls are SUPER annoying (and waste our time).

I covered the phones for a bit today, and have little patience for the telemarketers. One of today’s exchanges:

Solicitor: Hello, may I speak with John Q Public?

Me: May I tell him who’s calling?

Solicitor: Cheryl.

Me:…. From?

Solicitor: It’s a personal business matter.

Me: Which is it? Personal, or business?

Solicitor: Well, it’s a personal matter.

Me: Ok, then you should contact him at a personal number. Unless you are going to reimburse us for his time?

Solicitor: Well, this is the number listed… If I need to call a personal number instead, I can update the contact info in our…

Me: You do that.



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Without an available circular needle, I’m knitting these socks on DPNs. But I can’t quite get over my fear that they won’t match (despite the very clear stripes), so I’m knitting them in tandem, on two sets of DPNs. It might be weird, but it works for me. I’m about to start the heel flaps. 

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Not derailed, just delayed

Had a minor knitting setback on my way home last night; one of my bamboo DPNs splintered in my hand. I only had a set of 4 with me, but at home I have many DPNs so today I’m back on track, and no stitches were sacrificed during the mishap.

And I’m getting other things in order. While I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I do like to view the upcoming year as a chance to improve upon things in my life. I have already re-worked my student loan payment plan to pay it off in three years (or less) instead of the 8 that it is set up for (it has a nice, low interest rate of 2%, so it’s not a huge incentive to pay it off other than not carrying the debt). I’ve also accelerated our house payments to get that bugger paid for ahead of schedule.

I was doing pretty well in 2016 with cleaning up my eating habits, but my willpower fell victim to the holidays and I’m feeling the results. There’s nothing like a cookie binge to make you realize just how crappy all that sugar and wheat makes you feel! But I’m back on track today, with simple meats, eggs, cheese, and veggies. I can do this. I got a couple of new cookbooks for Christmas that have simple and clean recipes that I look forward to trying.

Happy New Year!

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