Quickly, from the air

Well, not really – I’m back on the ground now, but I took this picture in the air:


I’m in Las Vegas for a couple days and the phone is going away as soon as I post this. Two days of r&r, here I go!

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Going the bulky way

Working on a cowl, knit in chunky alpaca. The cowl is asymetrical (with short rows) and has a button closure. It’s a quick knit; got one half finished on my morning commute. The really fun part will be finding a button!


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Fixing up the old things

I have two stealth knitting projects underway, and I can’t show you guys because I’m pretty sure the recipients will see. So, in other news: we inherited an old truck that the Mr. has been working on; replacing worn-out parts, fixing the carburetor, etc. He’s been spending quite a bit of time online tracking down sources (the truck is the same age as me) and today he discovered a mystery spring inside the cab that doesn’t go to anything that he can find. He seems to be enjoying himself.

We also started an inside house project. The washer and dryer used to be in a closet in the hallway; we moved them out to the garage and are left with the big empty open closet. We’ve been using it as general storage, but it needs to be done up properly and it needs a bit of repair — there is old water damage from when we built our addition, so sheetrock and plywood needs replacing. Anyway, we emptied out the area and started making a plan. That’s a pretty good start. It will become our linen closet and storage for the vacuum cleaner and such.

Today we have a piano tuner out at the house; we inherited a spinet piano and it is in desperate need of cleaning, tuning, and minor repair. We’ll see what he can do. The first words out of his mouth when he walked in were, “ooh, she’s an old one!”

And finally, I have been making good use of our “Buy Nothing” group on Facebook – cleaning out cupboards and rehoming things we just don’t need or use. What a great resource!

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Plum wore out!

The morning was spent with a couple friends, coffee, and yarn shopping – so fun! The sun was shining when I got home,  and it only seemed right to spend some time outside. Anything to avoid housework.
I got the veg garden cleaned up and lightly tilled; leaving in some broccoli, chard, and garlic that wintered over.


Speaking of wintering over, I harvested  carrots left from last year! There’s something to be said for a mild winter, I guess.


A bit of weeding was next, and pruning the raspberries. I was pleased to see the daffodils coming up. Spring is coming.


And then the Mr decided it was as good a time as any to take out the walnut tree. Yup.


The tree has been reduced to a pile of limbs and branches six feet tall. The tree had a dead spot in the center of the trunk, and was too big for the space anyway; we want a small greenhouse and smaller (less messy) plants back there.
Now we are too tired to make dinner, so I declare it a pizza night, followed by a bit of knitting and maybe a movie.
Hope everyone else got to enjoy the sunshine! Well, I guess folks on the east coast might be dealing with snow, but hopefully the storms aren’t too bad.

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Fetching & Milo

Pics of a couple of finished items today.
Milo vest, in 9- month size.  Knit in Madeline tosh dk superwash.


And both pairs of Fetching mitts. Knit in Cascade Lana D’Oro (wool/alpaca), got both pairs from one skein. Otherwise identical, the cast on and cast off is different on these – bottom pair has long tail CO and regular BO; top is German twisted CO and sewn BO. I like the edges of the top pair better.


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A quick spin

That little Milo vest is done and blocking! I’ll show you later. I also finished the second pair of Fetching mitts; they look exactly like the first pair so you don’t even have to use your imagination. :)

I took a little break from knitting to spin a bit; I pulled a 4 oz braid from the stash (a wool / silk hand-painted), dialed up some Netflix, and put the WooLee Winder on my wheel.


The braid has a lot of turquoise in it. I split the braid lengthwise and spun on the medium whorl; my singles turned out pretty good, though the colors didn’t work out quite how I envisioned.


I plied them together and photographed the skein against a very green counter — I should have taken the picture against the white couch. Oh, well.


After washing and thumping, the yarn fluffed out a bit and it’s a nice worsted weight. I think it’s a little under-plied, but workable. I’m still learning / adjusting to the WooLee Winder; next time I’ll put a little more twist in my singles AND as I ply.


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A little Milo

Working on a Milo sweater vest in between doing housework – isn’t it cute?


Madeline tosh DK; colorway is called Fragrant, which is a little weird… It’s a nice tonal color though.
(Amelia is such a cooperative photo backdrop! Lol!)

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