Separate, but together

I am working on the second sock, but the first is only knit to the foot – I need to determine who these will be for and then I’ll finish the feet together. Have another inch or so on the leg before I can do the second heel. Such cheery yarn, perfect contrast to our smoke-filled skies here in the PNW.

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The next pair

Building up my xmas stash of socks, got the next pair in the needles. Trekking XXL yarn.

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Slow life

There is something oddly satisfying about chopping wood by hand. The heft of the axe, the smooth arc of the swing, the soft thunk as the wood splits and falls to the ground. With the sound of the river in the background, it was almost meditative. My shoulders are going to hurt tomorrow, but for today I am just pleasantly tired.

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All done!

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Nearly there

The second rainbow sock is so close to being done! Just the top cuff left to do, plus weaving in the ends. I’ve already cast on a new sock, something with a lot less black (my poor eyes).

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The second sock

Making good progress on sock #2; have turned the heel and am working on the leg part.

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Pockets for the win

I’m working on a special pair of gloves for a friend, with a pocket to hold one of those hand warmer things. I’m using the Pioneer Gloves pattern (with longer arms), and Frog Tree Pediboo sock yarn. I’ve picked up 18 stitches to make the pocket, and am attaching at each side as I go; the top edge will be left open, of course.

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