Giving Tuesday

In the spirit of the season and giving back to the community, I and several of my coworkers went to the Pike Place Market Food Bank to volunteer our time. We spent several hours sorting food, gathering donations from local shops, bagging personal hygiene items, passing out food, and general cleaning and tidying. It was fantastic! The Food Bank serves roughly 300 people, twice a week. Everything gets weighed and sorted.


Collecting donations from a local bakery.


Taking the day’s donations back to the food bank.


Handing out apples.

I will totally do this again. It was a very rewarding experience!

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Feeding the stash

I was out of my usual territory today and to my delight, found a new little yarn store! Located in a small shop area, it fits right in and I hope they do well.


I had to show my support, and picked up some stash yarns – to become baby sweaters, mitts, and hats. Amelia approves of my selections.


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Hat trick

One, two, three hats done!




I know I said I was going to start on another Antler hat, but I changed my mind. Instead, I decided to cast on a dinosaur hat. :)


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Now with antlers

An Antler Hat is on the needles, in school bus yellow this time – but it’s turning out a little too small for the recipient I had in mind, so I’ll be making yet another (larger) one right after this is done. I really like this pattern.


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Hunkering down

With the onset of cold weather, I’ve definitely felt the urge to clean out the nest and hunker down for the winter. We’ve been slowly clearing excess items from the attic – many of which have been up there since we moved in almost twenty years ago – and we’re gifting them to our neighbors via a Facebook “Buy Nothing” group. It’s been fun meeting people in the area and hearing how they are going to use the items we are giving away. I’ve gifted quite a bit of yarn and some other craft items I’ll never use, along with knickknacks, books, and toys that have plenty of use left in them.

I’ve also, of course, been knitting up a storm (and wearing plenty of my own hand knits!). I finished a child’s hat, two more beer bottle cozies, cast on a gift hat I can’t show you, and am almost done with yet another hat. This one is made from mystery yarn from the stash, part of the ‘use it or donate it’ pile.



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Feeling cozy

A quick little scrap buster: beer (or cider) bottle cozy! I’m using wool oddments, will probably make several.


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Clueless Cowl

I’m calling this my Inner Monologue Cowl. Knit to the movie “Clueless”, I did stockinette stitch until there was an inner monologue by the main character – at which time I purled until she was done. It was my Game Knitting project at KnitFit on Saturday, and I will definitely have to do something like this again. Very fun.


Pardon the pjs, lol. Cowl was knit in baby alpaca, 68 stitches around on US 10.5 needles.


Amelia thinks it should be bigger, as it only covers her bottom half. Note the fun, random bits of purl.


And here it is blocking, along with the Insomnia Cowl from a few days ago.

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