High School (again??)

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but on occasion they stick with me long enough to jot down a few notes. The one I just awoke from was rather odd, but the details are slipping away quickly so here goes:

 I was in high school, a new one. Having just transferred there, a friend (who is a coworker in real life, and too young to have been at high school with me) that I will call SB said she would show me around. We proceeded from class to class, but SB had my schedule and wouldn’t give it to me. She was very nice about it, but wouldn’t give it over. The school was huge, with thousands and thousands of kids in it. The classes were spread over a campus that seemed to be miles across. At one point we went to a class that was so far we took a tram-type thing back to the main campus. This tram was small and the kids were all piled in, telephone-booth style. But the tram was open, it didn’t have a top.

When we got back to the main campus, there was an assembly going on, so we hurried to find seats. The student body didn’t fit in the stadium, and there were thousands of chairs set up in the field outside. Speakers broadcast the sounds. Most of the students were asleep, some were sunning themselves on lawn chairs. SB said there was a performance going on and that she hoped nobody noticed we were late. Late? I didn’t care about a performance, but SB gave me a look that said, “you’d better care about this one.” We found seats and listened for a little while. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, figured the speakers were shot.

SB got up to use the restroom, and as she walked back I saw out of the corner of my eye a ball, one of those rubber playground balls, bouncing across the audience. Nobody was touching it, but it came from the stage area and just sort of bounced across people. SB saw it coming and got real pale, started whispering, “no, no, no, no…” She was still walking towards her seat but could clearly see the ball headed in her direction. The ball bounced over me and settled on the floor right in front of her empty seat. She stared at it and wouldn’t answer my inquiries. There was a commotion to the left and we all turned to see what it was; the drama performers were making their way towards us. Only, these were not human. The creatures were elongated, walking on all fours but with long necks and tiny heads. Around their feet scrambled dozens of small creatures, like spiders or kittens.

The entourage stopped at our aisle and SB walked towards them as if summoned. The small creatures scrambled up the legs of the larger ones and melded into their heads, making them larger and more freaky (if this were possible). All of the students were wide awake and attentive, seemingly glad that the attention was not on them this time.

One of the creatures started to speak, with a deep rumbling voice, and asked SB if Tres West had, to the best of her knowledge, been tinkering with the corn crops. Tinkering on a bioengineering level, that is. SB solemnly answered no, and the creatures grilled her for a few more minutes. They finally seemed satisfied and ambled off, leaving SB standing there sweating bullets. One look at her and I realized she had lied. Why? Bioengineering of corn? What did this have to do with high school??

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