Foray into painting

I’ve always wanted to paint. I can draw a bit, sketch with charcoal and pencil, but once it comes to applying color all sense of control flees and I’m left with a cartoonish flop. Not that I want to be Bob Ross, or paint portraits. Still life doesn’t interest me (who needs a painting of a bowl of apples??) but I’ve always been drawn to impressionist works, I think because of the energy and emotion that is often infused in those paintings.

Several months ago a friend of mine invited me over for a visit and we ended up painting. She had some great advice, helped me along, and I left with something that I am actually sort of proud to show. No, it’s no masterpiece. But I made it. I think my problem has been that I’ve been trying to paint realistic items, which don’t interest me and I don’t do well… Not a good combination!

My husband bought me a small easel and I got some paints and brushes. A couple days ago I bought some books from and one in particular really spoke to me – “The New Acrylics” by Rheni Tauchid. Texture! Color! Collage! It’s everything I want to do!

Here’s my second painting, which was done quickly but I rather like it. I did it right after some of my stuff was stolen from my workshop and backyard, so I was in a very dark mood. The camera flash makes a light splotch, it’s got a fairly uniform black background so that the colors stand out…

 black mood

I have an idea for a third, which I’m going to work on this week / weekend, taking a bit more time and working in layers of wash.

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3 Responses to Foray into painting

  1. i really like your painting…it makes me think of a school of fish.

  2. p.s. I added you to my blogroll. I hope that’s alright with you.

  3. wonkydonkey says:

    Thank you! Art is such a personal expression, one part of my wants others to like it and another part couldn’t care less because it’s mine. You know? I was angry when I did it, hence the black and the scraped canvas…. My next one should be more “planned” and maybe less chaotic. We’ll see. 🙂

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