The Subliminal Mind

… is a crazy thing.

We have a cat problem. Well, to be more precise: we have a neighbor problem. The neighbor has too many cats and dogs, and the cats roam the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they really like my yard and driveway, and they are ALWAYS on my property. It’s really obnoxious; I have almost run over them many times, as I enter my own driveway.

We have been landscaping in the front yard, and of course these cats have decided to use my yard as a giant litterbox. GROSS! Tired of scooping catpoop out of my flower beds, I researched ways to deter cats — and found a motion-activated sprinkler!!!  PERFECT! I ordered a couple and am impatiently awaiting their arrival.

Last night I had a brief dream, where I opened my front door and saw one of their cats streaking across the yard, a sprinkler in hot pursuit. ROFLMAO!

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