A Very Merry Un-Birthday, To Me

Yesterday was my birthday, and the day pretty much sucked. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration — but it was pretty hectic. I would have much preferred a relaxing day, but it was not to be.

First of all, it’s the first of the month – which in my office means time to issue invoices. This process takes several days and requires the input of several project managers – not an easy feat to accomplish in a short amount of time. I am taking today (Friday) off, so I needed to get as much done as possible, despite it being my birthday. The day progressed pretty much as expected, except for some contract stuff thrown in for good measure.

Second, my boss’ computer was being rebuilt off-site, and was due to come back so that I could finish up some installations. OF COURSE, this did not go smoothly. It came back ok, but there was something fishy and the blooming thing wouldn’t cooperate. Couldn’t get software loaded, couldn’t access the internet, and crashing / freezing. I started to work feverishly on it because my boss was on his way to pick it up.

Third, we had a combo birthday / baby shower party in the afternoon, while I was trying to fix the computer. Seeing as how I was one of the birthday celebrants, I couldn’t exactly work through it – and I cannot turn down cake anyway. Baby shower was a nice little interlude, the guy is expecting his second child so I made a little baby sweater. Cute.

Anyway, I cut out of the party early to finish the computer, which just wasn’t working. Call the tech guys, they try a bunch of things but are just as stumped as I am. Send in the emergency tech guy, and boss walks in. Had to explain the problems, and the clock is ticking…

Get the invoices copied, scramble to get a few other things done, and I can feel more grey hairs popping out.  Ends up the tech guy had to take the computer back for another rebuild, boss went back home without a computer to work on, and I left feeling quite frazzled and like I didn’t get nearly enough done.

Run home, check email, yell at kids (not turning in their homework), admire the sunflowers that hubbie got me, change my clothes and head off to my 2-hour dance class. Work my tail off (I love dance!), come home, eat a small bowl of birthday ice cream, read for a few minutes, and fall asleep. Gee, happy birthday. I forgot to eat dinner.

TODAY, though, promises to be much more relaxing. Got the kids off to school, mailed a package, and now I’m decompressing with a cup of coffee. In a couple hours hubbie and I are taking off for a nice little overnight retreat – sans kids – complete with dinner and massages in the morning. Now THAT’S how I want to spend my birthday!!

It’s a shame the weather isn’t nice, but that’s ok – we can just spend our time inside.

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