Ever knitted something with a ruffle? A really long ruffle? It takes for bloody ever to finish, doesn’t it??! I picked up a pattern for a shawl at the LYS and chose a nubbly yarn for it, to make it warm (the sample was done up in lacy mohair) and ignored the whole gauge thing since it’s a shawl. I knew it would be a little bigger, but didn’t put much more thought into it. Bought five balls of yarn, knit the body, and realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish. Looked like I needed one more ball, but I ordered two (my stash can always use newbies). Well, I should have ordered THREE. That doggone ruffle just kept going and going and going; I ran out of yarn while casting off and after some teeth gnashing and dirty words, I realized I could crochet the edge off and be fine. With the texture of the yarn, you cannot see the ever-so-slight difference in the edge.  Look at ’em all!


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