Ron Howard

I woke up this morning with the vestiges of an interesting dream. I was walking, along with my teammates, to a volleyball game. I had the ball and a bag of drink bottles; we were walking a very long ways. The path wove through industrial areas, a bunch of freeway overpasses, and finally along a waterfront area. Ron Howard was driving a small Miata-like car (cream colored) and pulled up behind us to ask how to get to the volleyball game.

At that point we were very close to where we needed to get onto a small ferry (the raft kind) to get us across a river. There was no direct way to drive, we were walking through alleys and down staircases, so I pointed out where the road was. The first time I addressed him, I inadvertently called him Mr. Cunningham. He politely ignored this and offered to take the bag of beverages because they appeared heavy.

The rest of my team continued towards the ferry, and I was afraid ol’ Ron was going to make me late, so I gave him the drinks and once again pointed out the way he had to drive in order to get there. This time I called him Mr. Howard. He waved and drove off and I continued walking.

Weird, eh?

Why Ron Howard? I haven’t seen him in any movies lately. I haven’t been thinking about him. Dreaming about volleyball I understand, because we play on Sundays and I’m the pseudo-coach. But Ron Howard??

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