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I finally got hold of my mortgage company, the folks who kept calling me with the recorded message asking me to call them – only to never actually answer the phone.  Anyway, it was indeed what I feared: my payment … Continue reading

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Holding in Hell

“Thank you for your patience. All representatives are currently assisting other callers. Your call is very important to us. Please remain on the line, and your call will be answered in the order received.” Translation: “We can’t believe you are … Continue reading

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Vendor Rave: Integra Telecom

I’m filing this under “product raves” though it is really a “service rave.” It’s so rare to get good customer service nowadays that I was just blown away. I called Integra because my company uses them for both voice and … Continue reading

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Everyone, meet Hoover. He’s my pleco and lives on my desk at work, along with two small tetras and a beta named Frank. Sadly, the two tetras have earned the nicknames Bubba and Tommy – because one is rather rotund … Continue reading

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Knitting Update

I finished the front of the sweater that I’m making for J.; here it is (unblocked): I started on the back and am about halfway up. Once you hit the raglan decreases it really picks up speed! And here is … Continue reading

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Washington State

Did you know? Washington is the smallest state west of the Mississippi River, and larger than any state east of the Mississippi. 

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I am empathetic today.  My daughter is going in to get started on the long road towards straight teeth. First stop: spacers. That’s what they are doing today, that and making molds of her teeth. Next week she gets ‘appliances’ … Continue reading

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Is it, “round-peg-square-hole”? or, “square-peg-round-hole”?

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