Too many WIP’s

For shame, for shame.  My list of WIP’s is embarassing. Unless someone out there has more, that is… In case you want to compare, here’s my shameful list, in no particular order:

1. a crocheted scrap ‘ghan. This is my bedtime project, so it is going to take awhile and I’m ok with that. I’m making a huge dent in my reject stash with this project, using up the boucle’s and odd-ball yarn that I hated to use but couldn’t throw away, by doubling them with a basic yarn throughout. I’ll post a pic when I remember.

2. J’s sweater. I’ve finished the front and am half done with the back.

3. convertible gloves for O. I have one almost done (just need to close up the finger flap and weave in the ends). She’s reminding me that winter is almost over for this year…  better start on the second one this weekend.

4. a scarf I started with a ball of stash yarn. I don’t know why I started this, I really should have waited, but I’m learning a new stitch for it – this scarf will go in my Christmas pile. Only have about 8″ done on it, but it’s a great bus project because the pattern is easy now that I’ve memorized it.

5. another scarf, this one more complicated and larger. The pattern is a vintage Victorian lovely thing and it will be more like a shawl once it’s done. I love it, can’t wait to finish – am about half done and might need another skein of yarn.

6. a shawl that I really should finish, because it’s almost done… it’s a drop-stitch pattern from — really quite nice, mine is in a bright colorway and will look awesome over a simple black tee or blouse.

7. a pair of socks. I knit them both at the same time, and I’m about halfway down the feet – really not that much more to go, not sure why I set them aside. They taunt me from my bedside table. finish us….. finish us!

8. a purple sweater that I started ages ago, for myself. It’s an odd design, starts from the center of the back and works out in a circle before it shapes into a rectangle. I stopped at the point where I had to decide what size to make it, because I couldn’t figure out how the pattern was sized. I *think* it’s bust measurement, but it doesn’t really say — but that’s my lame reason for not working on it. I figure I should finish J’s sweater first because he’s still growing and I want him to be able to wear it for at least a little while; my sweater can wait.

9. a scrap poncho that I started from the ‘Magical Knitting’ book, the one with mobius strips. I started running low on yarn so I set it aside while I figured out what to do next. And there it continues to sit, all safe and snug in it’s container…

Is that it?  hmm, I thought I had more.  Nine isn’t so bad, is it? And the last two I have no problems leaving on the needles for awhile longer. Listen to me, rationalizing this sick addiction!

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