Driving along in an automobile

I only remember small fragments of the dream I had last night. I remember riding in a vehicle, in the dark. Lesley was driving and we were following a truck / SUV along a winding residential road. At first we were passing by nice houses; the ones on the right all had video projections playing on the fronts.

Then the houses began to peter out. The truck ahead of us swerved to the right-hand shoulder to pick up a grandmotherly figure that was dancing on the the side of the street, and as we passed by the truck I saw that it was entirely covered in brown and tan pompoms, so that it looked like a teddy bear. I started yelling at Lesley, telling her to slow down so I could see the teddy bear better, but she said we were in a hurry. We zoomed past and continued on down the winding road, which was now pitch black – all the houses and street lights were gone.

And that’s all I remember. Weird, eh?

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