Book Review: Sepulchre

Today I added a new category for Book Reviews. I am an avid reader, and devour books of all sorts on a regular basis – if I’m not knitting, I’m reading (and vice versa). Sometimes the bus is just too bouncy, crowded, or hot for knitting; and sometimes I just don’t feel like knitting (GASP!) — so I always have a book in my tote bag. And seeing as how my shawls have been relegated to at-home projects, I’ve been reading on the bus more than is usual.

I’m a big fan of public libraries and have cards to both King County and Seattle library systems so that I need never fear being denied the opportunity to check out a book, whether I’m near home or work. I am about a third of the way through a book called Sepulchre, by Kate Mosse.

A sepulchre, as I’m sure you know, is a tomb – and as I’m often drawn to the macabre this book practically jumped off the shelf and into my bag. I’ve not read Kate Mosse before and I’m thoroughly enjoying this novel. It’s chock-full of intrigue, suspense, murder, and good old fashioned mystery in an historical setting with plenty of cliches (bad guys in black, stormy nights, mysterious characters, angry mobs). The main characters are female and there are two story lines running throughout, which are intertwined (of course). The setting is France (my fave) and has enough historical tidbits to keep it real while weaving a beautiful picture of Victorian Paris and French countryside, and then thrusting you into the modern-day cacophony of tourists, travel, and technology.

It’s highly detailed and moves along as a leisurely pace, allowing you to visualize and imagine. It’s a good lazy-day type of story, with lots of depth and imagery – and it’s spooky to boot.

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7 Responses to Book Review: Sepulchre

  1. Verna says:

    Well, I must add this to my “must read” list.

  2. Heather says:

    Sounds like fun. Its amazing that you would find the bus to bouncy to knit but you can read. I knit when the bus is so bouncy that reading makes me want to hurl!

  3. wonkydonkey says:

    I just finished this last night; though the ending is fairly predictable, it’s still a great story with lots of imagery.

    H – If I sit sideways on the bus I can read just fine. But knitting, sometimes the jouncing prevents me from hitting the right stitches!

  4. Mirek Sopek says:

    Hi there, you are just right – the book is great. I had a feeling though, that there are a bit too many ghosts and devils, but all in all its a great book.

    I see you are knitting – so I suggest to start audio books – I did the same because in my life I had no time to read in paper, so I started to listen, on the road, in Paris metro, on my bike …

    Btw, Sepulchre is greatly recited on audio !!!

  5. wonkydonkey says:

    M.S. – yes, lots of ghosts and devils!

    I have been looking into audio books, but need to actually get a couple and try them out. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Kris says:

    ok so dont mind me if i am behind, but have you red DAn Brown? inperticular Angels and Demons and The Da vinci Code. the books are much for detailed then the movies. these are what i like to call fact based fiction. a fictional story line based on facts. I ask because of the liking of the history, both go into great detale on many items

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