Lace knitting on the Pi shawl

The black shawl is now up to 572 stitches. An astute Pi Shawl fan will undoubtedly point out that the stitch count is SUPPOSED to be 576; I assure you, I know this. Thing is, the lace pattern I finally decided to do in this section requires a multiple of 26. Rather than mess with ‘hiding’ four extra stitches in the plain parts (and remembering to do so on every round of the next 90-some rounds), I simply took four stitches out. It’s not like it makes a difference. It’s my shawl, gosh-darn-it.

The stitch pattern I am doing is from Arctic Lace, the book I brought on our cruise. I dearly hope I’ve chosen wisely… there’s no way I’m going to rip this thing back. Someone should have warned me that knitting a circular shawl would take eons.

On a side note, I am going to try to get back to sewing. Specifically, I want to finish the baby quilt I am making for my niece (who, I am embarrassed to admit, is going to be five years old this fall)…

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