The Socks, and other knitting news

Well, there they are, as of this morning. I have one more round of gusset increases and then I’ll turn the heel. I know they don’t look the same size, but they are – this was just a quick snapshot and I didn’t take the time to smooth them out evenly. I need to get these finished up because I’ve plum run out of July – and I need to cast on August socks. I think the Girl will really like these.

I’m also headed for the finish line with the blue Faroese Shawl:

I’m only posting a close-up picture because it’s just a big blue fluffy blob on the needles. It’s all scrunched up and looks small, but I have a feeling that it will block out to a good-sized shawl. I just finished the last of the center panel lace V’s (pictured) and now I have about thirty rows for the bottom edge. I need to get this one finished off because I went and joined up with a knit-a-long (KAL) for a Mystery Stole. Never having done a mystery project before, and having several lace weight yarns to choose from in my stash, and considering that my recent knitting trend has been for lacy shawl-type objects, it just seemed like a good idea. The group gets started at the first of September, so I have a month to get this blue shawl done. Onward!

I’m slowly making progress on the black Pi Shawl (no updated pics); slowly, because of the stitch count. I can only get a couple of rounds in during a movie, and since I can’t watch a movie every night (and, I do have other knitting to work on), it’s going to be awhile before this one gets finished.

P.S. I finished the peach washcloth, but I tossed it into my gift tote box before I could get a picture (silly me); I’ll try to remember to post one because it turned out really cute. Definitely going to make more.

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  1. needlefood says:

    Ooh, good luck with the Pi Shawl, I just finished one for my mother for Xmas. It was tedious toward the end but gave me a great sense of achievement when it was done.


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