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Adventures in Cheesemaking, Part 2

Step Three: Cut the curd! here you can see that the milk has solidified, come together, curd-ified. It’s the consistency of freshly made pudding, and it smells like butter. Yum! After cutting, it looks less appealling… This feels a bit … Continue reading

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Adventures in Cheesemaking, Part 1

Now that the weather is cool, I decided to give cheesemaking a try. Yep, why not? It’s a bit like cooking, a bit like soap making – both of which I like a great deal. I bought a small kit … Continue reading

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Recipe: Stuffed Pizza

Ingredients: 1 or 2 cans of refrigerated pizza dough (sold near the refrigerated biscuits / croissants / etc.) Use one can if you are feeding 2-3 people, use two cans if feeding 6 or so. Meat of choice – we … Continue reading

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Christmas Knitting

I’m deep in the throes of gift knitting, so I can’t be sharing photos right now. Never know who might be lurking on the ‘net nowadays. 🙂 Instead, I’ll share a picture of Reflective Kitty.

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TGIF – in a big way

Murphy’s Law, kickin’ my butt today. This is a long post, you better grab a cup of tea while I whine. Started off this morning looking for something to take for lunch. Having teenagers in this house, this always proves … Continue reading

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The countdown begins

I’m sorry, I really am. I know that many of you do not want this pointed out, but in the interest of time management, I must. There are 35 days until Christmas. Now, after you are done hyperventilating, you could … Continue reading

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Charity Knitting

Each year I try to do some charity knitting; it’s one small way that I can give back to society, in a way that is both personal and useful. I’m not married to any one charity or cause; I tend … Continue reading

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Spiraling out of control

Figuratively speaking. I swear, when I laid out the skeins of yarn they weren’t nearly this teal. They were much more blue and green (um, never mind that that equals teal, ok?) I really like this pattern, though; it’s easy, … Continue reading

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one or the other, please

A person should not have to deal with both grey hair and acne.  There should be some cosmic rule that if you have one, you should not be plagued with the other. Right??

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It’s all teal lately

It seems that I stick to colorways…  My projects of late have been teal; not by conscious choice, it just seems to work out that way. Maybe I was tired of all the red. This is an angora headband I … Continue reading

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