Gift Knitting

A Green Shrug! Super cute, may have to make one for myself. It’s quite difficult to take a picture of this because of the shaping; I think it will look much better when it is actually worn. Knit up in cotton, it’s super soft and machine washable.

Any guess on what these are? No fair if you have knit them before. I think I’ll have to include a photo of these in action so that the recipient isn’t terribly confused. If I turn them over they look a little like bikini parts.

On the needles right now is a helmet liner / ski mask. The face is open, and can be pulled up over the nose or tucked under the chin as the wearer sees fit. It’s not the scary ski mask with eye holes and a mouth hole. Almost done with this, finished the top this morning and now just need a bit of ribbing around the face opening. I plan on making a second one for someone else; this is a nice quick knit that will come in handy for anyone who spends time outside in the winter – bike riding, skiing, hiking, shoveling, etc.

Two days ago I finished another cotton shopping bag, just need to sew on handles. I already have yarn lined up for the next one, too! Last night I sewed up a bunch of lavender sachets to give my dancing ladies; will add a fancy little tag and call it good. Also picked up two small items from Julie’s list from the family name-drawing (things I couldn’t make myself, like coffee beans); I already have a knitted item stashed for her, so she’s checked off.

For my niece I’m going to buy a couple of coloring books and a fresh box of crayons, then I’m going to sew a special tote bag for them with individual crayon pockets on the outside. And I made a batch of toffee pretzels to dole out in little gift bags; these might be for the ladies at work (haven’t decided yet).

Yeehaw, cowboy!  Making a good dent in my gift list.  All with very minimal actual shopping. It feels really, really good to know I’m not racking up credit card bills, and that most of my gifts were made by my own hands. We’re doing away with the “buy a gift just for the sake of buying a gift” and trying to stick with necessities / small luxuries that will be used and appreciated. Everyone already has enough “stuff.”

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  1. Fashionista says:

    I like the green shrug. 🙂 so chic!

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