Reading and Knitting

Most of my leisure time can be boiled down to those two pursuits. Sometimes I do them at the same time.

Last night I finished knitting up the ski mask / helmet liner. And hated it. The shaping is wrong, such that the front face part is much too open; like Pacman, the face is split back to the ears. Meaning that it will not keep the ears warm. What good is that?? I also determined that I was overambitious about adding extra length to the neck part – it didn’t need it and instead ended up rolling up at the bottom edge. Unless one has the neck of a giraffe, the pattern as-written is probably just fine.

I ripped the ski mask back to the neck and modified the pattern slightly in the hopes that the face opening will cover the ears. This morning I got about an inch knit on the forehead part and it’s too early to tell if my modifications are sufficient.

On the reading front, I finished up some trash novels* and picked up a book I got from Suzie for my birthday: I Never Metaphor I Didn’t Like, by Madry Grothe. What fun! The book (or at least, the first chapter, since that’s all I’ve read so far) is chock full of quotes from all sorts of people from Ghandi to Twain, Einstein to Bronte. I love the English language and the fun that can be had with it. Metaphors are expressive and entertaining; they stretch our language and encourage visualization.

* By ‘trash novels’ I mean no disrespect to authors or readers. This is just what I call the fluff reading, the entertainment-only-no-thought-needed type of book, the stuff that you can pick up and read just a couple of pages of before stuffing it back into your totebag, or go months without touching and still jump right back into the storyline. Novels, many from the Best Sellers’ rack by authors that churn them out at an inhuman rate but nonetheless manage to transport us and provide distraction while riding the bus or ferry, while waiting in line someplace, or during that half hour before bedtime when we just need to slow our brains down a bit with literary distraction.  I alternate such light reading with classics, biographies, educational material, historical fiction, or poetry; but I find that too much of the heavy stuff (reading that takes concentration and/or contemplation) bogs me down and I must throw in a medical, horror, or science fiction novel. My usual list of diversions include King, Clancy, Patterson, and Grisham, plus a variety of picks from the discount tables.

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