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Note to self

Don’t eat a poppy seed bagel at the computer desk. Those pesky poppy seeds are just the right size for falling down into the keyboard, and that can’t be good for it…

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Doom and Gloom

Boy, don’t pick up the paper today. The front page (of both Seattle papers) is covered with grim news of cutbacks, layoffs, financial losses, and failing 401k’s.  Seattle is lucky enough to have some big companies in the area – … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: button-bangers

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but it does: when people pound and bang the crosswalk button over and over and over and over…. I just want to smack them upside the head! It’s an electronic signal, … Continue reading

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Pinwheel Sweater, sans arms

I’m getting there. It’s a lot of plain knitting, and then the edging took me several evenings – but the sweater fits my niece and looks really cute.  I’ll need to find a couple of buttons or something to close … Continue reading

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Isn’t it beautiful? That there is my second attempt at spinning my own yarn. The first attempt was rather dreadful…  But, it’s a learned skill like any other; takes practice. I plan on making my own spinning wheel, but to … Continue reading

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Make-ahead casserole

I love dinners that I can put together when I’m not busy, and then just pop in the oven the nights we ARE busy.   Here’s an easy casserole dish that is customizable and can be made 1-2 days ahead, or … Continue reading

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I love a chance to save money, and today I got the motherload of chances: a sample sale for an advertising company in our building. I just picked up what is easily over $100 in thermoses, water bottles, insulated cups, … Continue reading

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Time to relax

There’s nothing quite like a little cabin in the woods to encourage relaxation. It was warm and snug with the wood stove stoked up, we had great food, and the company was of course wonderful. I laughed so hard that … Continue reading

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Out with the old

Happy New President Day, fellow Americans! The last eight years have sorely tested my patriotism but today I am proud of my country, because we have done what many people thought we were not ready for. This presidential election has … Continue reading

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It’s been a busy week, sorry for having so little to blog about. My daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies so I’ve been rousing the troops at work while she’s been ringing the relatives. She’s lost a bit of her … Continue reading

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