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Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving time! Here are our offerings this year:

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Office Halloweenigans

This skinny fellow has taken up residence outside my office door. While this unlucky (and emotionally disturbed) bride flies overhead. Down the hall, a new cupboard has been discovered – one filled with all kinds of curious items… I best … Continue reading


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Leaf blowers blow

WHY are companies allowed to use leaf blowers???  They stink, they are loud, they blow grit into pedestrians’ eyes, and they just BLOW THE LEAVES INTO THE STREET, where they block the sewer grates. We have enough problems with leaves … Continue reading

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My favorite pair of gloves has had a divorce. Not an amicable one, but a nasty “I never want to see you again” event, wherein I am left with just one glove to wear because the other has packed up … Continue reading

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Final harvest 2009

Well, this is it. Today I turned the garden over for the winter, removed the tomato cages, took out the bean poles, and harvested the very last edibles: one sugar pumpkin, one very tiny tomato, a handful of potatoes, and … Continue reading

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Sucralose (Splenda) sucks

We were out of regular hot cocoa, so I had a cup of the sugar-free kind at my office (artificially sweetened with Splenda / sucralose) because I realllllly wanted some hot cocoa. It’s cold and rainy, perfect cocoa weather. Headache … Continue reading

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Pumpkin hat

Finished the hat Tuesday night. So cute! Now to get it to the wee niece before Halloween. This was knit with Cascade 220 superwash wool, and used very little of it…  I could probably get four (baby) hats out of … Continue reading

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Wee impulse hat

What could be cuter than a tiny hat shaped like a pumpkin? Only the tiny head that the hat is intended for! Today I started an impulse project. It’s a quick knit; I’m already halfway done:

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Wrapped in warmth

Got two shawls on the needles – an alpaca one that is almost done. I’m working on the edge: And a wool one that I can’t show you because it’s a surprise for someone. 🙂 Instead, here is another picture … Continue reading

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Feline fickleness

I am always amused at how seriously cats take boxes. This box is in the dining room and I made the mistake of putting (non-cat) stuff into the box, despite the fact that the cat had claimed said box as … Continue reading

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