Final harvest 2009

Well, this is it. Today I turned the garden over for the winter, removed the tomato cages, took out the bean poles, and harvested the very last edibles: one sugar pumpkin, one very tiny tomato, a handful of potatoes, and some carrots.

The onions and garlic that I put out in the spring are nowhere near being ready to eat (I now know that those should go out in the fall) so I lifted and thinned them, and replanted them into one box. They are puny and weak-looking, but I know that they will winter over and then the bulbs will spring forth with new growth.

It’s kind of sad to look out at the garden now, all empty and bleak… But at the same time it’s almost like a promise, ya know? I got a lot of food out of those six little garden boxes and I am already planning what I’ll plant next year.

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  1. Heather says:

    Don’t stop yet. you can probably still plant broccoli, lettuce and spinach for early spring harvest. And if the weather works with you for a bit longer you might get some lettuce yet this year.

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