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Creative names

I was working at a craft show this weekend, the kind of show with a central checkout. Not only do these allow us vendors a break and save us from having to be on location the entire run of the … Continue reading

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What’s on my mind

1. It’s Tuesday, which ordinarily wouldn’t be anything to celebrate, but it’s my Friday. 2. We get to eat turkey in a couple of days. 3. I seem to have caught a cold, which I am not happy about. 4. … Continue reading

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Chicken & Wild Rice

Feeds a family of 6 big eaters. Heat oven to 400*F In a large casserole dish, layer the following: 2 cups wild rice 2 14-oz cans of chicken stock, plus 1 can of water 1 Tbsp soy sauce 1.5 cups … Continue reading

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Rain, with a chance of showers

It is the month of November that gives Seattle is rainy reputation. Contrary to what most movies portray, many of us don’t even own umbrellas – we just flip up the hoods on our North Face jackets (or don a … Continue reading

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Neither up nor down

Both escalators at the train station are now out of order. I usually take the stairs anyway, but a lot of folks can’t and the elevator is at the other end if the station. These have been broken several times … Continue reading

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Dear King County Health Board

It has recently come to my attention that the Board of Health is proposing new regulations on raw pet food, which will transfer the permitting from King County Records and Licensing to the Board of Health —- which will mean … Continue reading

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Veterans Day

Or Remembrance Day if you are in Canada, and Armistice Day in many other countries. This is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I (the last signature was obtained from Germany on November 11, … Continue reading

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Pedestrian pet peeve

Not sure if you noticed, but it’s autumn. Seattle has a lot of trees. Right about now the leaves leap from the trees and, gravity being what it is, collect on the ground. You may have heard: it rains now … Continue reading

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Pocket Full Of Rocks

All words capitalized, because this is a band name and not a description of my pants. Take a look: Pocket Full Of Rocks Two of the band members are family, so I feel fully authorized to publish a blog post … Continue reading

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Quick, a diversion!

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m afraid I have to start screening what projects I show you online. I know, it’s a bummer — but it would be even more of a bummer for one of my giftees to stumble … Continue reading

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