Pedestrian pet peeve

Not sure if you noticed, but it’s autumn.

Seattle has a lot of trees. Right about now the leaves leap from the trees and, gravity being what it is, collect on the ground.

You may have heard: it rains now and then, too.

Like an armada of mindless droids the maintenance folks hit the sidewalks with their leaf blowers. I saw three on my way to work this morning, each strapped into a gas-powered blower, contentedly relocating the leaves from the sidewalks into the street.

Where they promptly clog up the storm drains.

Leading to minor floods throughout the city, which causes traffic backups and pedestrian nightmares.

Navigating the streets this morning required fancy footwork and quick reflexes; I had to jump out of the way numerous times as cars went by, or I would have been completely drenched in dirty water. Some intersections required major detours to find a passable route (I didn’t wear my waders today). I have yet to understand why the City allows folks to blow leaves into the streets. Why can’t they bag ’em up? Why can’t they help instead of contributing to the problem?  At one intersection I saw a City worker squatting next to a drain, cramming leaves through the storm water grate with a screwdriver in an attempt to get some water off the roads.

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