What’s up?

Yikes – an entire week has passed without a blog post! It’s a sign of the times, holiday times that is. Our calendar filled right up for December; I’ve had something going on almost every evening and that does tend to cut into blogging time.

So, here’s a run down of what has been occupying my time:

plenty of Christmas knitting (hats, gloves, and socks!).

baking (shortbread that has not been cooperating and is stressing me out. Might have to change my recipe a bit because the past few batches have insisted on growing like the blog and running all over my oven. Burning butter does not smell good, and last night as smoke filled the house Jordan asked if I was trying to kill everyone… Also baking chocolate chip cookies for a cookie swap. Also baked up eight loaves of fruit & nut bread. I hesitate to call it “fruit cake” because so many people have bad associations with it; mine is chock-full of good stuff – no neon chewy fruit globs – and is happily aging in rum-soaked cheesecloth.)

cooking (got a new cookbook, and with the cold weather there’s been a resurgence of soups, stews, chili, roasts, and other hearty meals in our house.)

shopping (finished off my list; small stuff this year, as indicated by a small budget. Need to box up my long-distance gifting and get those mailed off soon.)

cleaning (HA! yeah, right… we’re trying to make room for our tree, but we seem to be losing the clutter battle.)

girl scout activities (plentiful, and believe it or not they will start taking cookie orders next month!)

random motherly duties (mainly taxi service, some shopping help, laundry support, general nagging and reminding.)

spinning (my new/old spinning wheel finally arrived from Australia. It took two evenings to clean and de-gunk it, but it now spins like a dream and I’m having a great time getting to know Wendy. I’m working on some blue faced Leicester wool with no real goal for it other than consistent twist.)

Coming up: company holiday party, middle school band and drama performances, dinner out with girlfriends, caroling with the girl scouts, more holiday and general baking, perhaps some sewing if I find time, and I’m sure that I’ll be knitting right up until Christmas.

On a personal note, I’ve been fighting off sadness as the holidays draw near. I’ve worked hard to establish new family traditions with my kids, and the pain of losing my mom has softened; but this year I’m dealing with the loss of my dad and several times I have caught myself wondering what to put in his Christmas box. I’ll be sending stuff to my step-mom, but it isn’t the same. I keep telling myself to focus on the family I have, and I am eternally thankful for being reconnected to my other siblings, but a piece of my heart is missing and there is no denying that it hurts.

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