Youthful encounters

This evening while walking to the train, I experienced something that made me feel 13 again. Or maybe 12.
Two young men were walking towards me, and just as I was about to pass them on the inside of the sidewalk the fellow on the outside gave his buddy a shove so that he very nearly ran into me. It was pretty clear that it was deliberate, and it seemed much too random to have been part of their conversation, if you get my drift. I burst out laughing the same time they did; I’m pretty sure I am old enough to be their mother.
Good thing my reflexes are still sharp!

Oh– and then, further down the sidewalk were two young men, maybe in their late teens, panhandling. They had a dog and one of the boys was playing a guitar, the case open on the ground for donations. Both boys looked pretty scruffy and they were definitely on the “goth” side of fashion, but they were belting out (in harmony) “You Are My Sunshine” and doing a darned good job with it! If I had any cash on me I would have given them a couple bucks.

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