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Sunday spinning

Before I found my new wheel, I purchased a few bags of beautiful fiber – hoarding it for the day I had a spinning wheel worthy of their silky awesomeness. (ok, my old wheel was worthy, too – but it … Continue reading

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The 80s live on

Big hair is alive and well, it seems. I see this fellow around downtown, and he is always coiffed thusly.

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Making good progress on the Sitka Rose Pi Shawl – it now serves at its own yarn bag. Here it is with the lace spread out a little bit:

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Forward thinking

It’s late January, which means it’s time for thinking about several things: pulling together papers for filing our taxes, Chris’ birthday, Valentine’s Day, and this year’s garden. Since nobody likes to think about taxes, I’m skipping right over that one … Continue reading


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What is it about the smell of toast that is so alluring? From across the house, I can smell toast – and it draws me to the kitchen where I inhale that lovely aroma and drool in anticipation of the … Continue reading

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Sitka Rose Pi Shawl

I jumped aboard the Pi Shawl Bandwagon and have this to show so far: Yeah, it’s not much yet (barely bigger than a dinner plate) but it’s a great commuter project. I just increased to 288 stitches, which means tons … Continue reading

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Love to hate

I have one dog and one cat. (some would argue that I have one HORSE and one cat, but that would hurt Chloe’s feelings. It’s not her fault she’s so big.) They get along just fine and sometimes they even … Continue reading

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What’s in your blood?

I get a physical every year as part of my take-care-of-myself-and-live-a-good-long-time plan, and I just got the results back from my blood tests. I must admit, I was a bit leery about opening the envelope… after all, I try to … Continue reading

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Say “cheese”!

Why is it that when kids are little they always give you a super-cheesy fake smile whenever you try to take their picture, and then once they get old enough to know better they instead give you all kinds of … Continue reading

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Hitting the ground running

Happy New Year! I generally try to avoid making New Year’s Resolutions, because so many are made in haste and quickly abandoned, but I do have goals for this year and they primarily revolve around my health, happiness, and family. … Continue reading

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