Hitting the ground running

Happy New Year!

I generally try to avoid making New Year’s Resolutions, because so many are made in haste and quickly abandoned, but I do have goals for this year and they primarily revolve around my health, happiness, and family.

To kick off the year on the right foot, I have already taken two very healthy steps: I have signed up for a gym membership at our local YMCA, and I have started a bi-weekly CSA subscription* for January through May. My goal of better health means I need to eat better and get more exercise, so these two items are great additions to my life. I’ve already been to the gym (though it was not full force because I’ve got a chest cold, but I went and did some weights!) and have been making healthy eating choices the past four days (admittedly, that’s not very long — but every little bit counts and you gotta start somewhere).

I want to do more hiking and biking this summer, but I’m woefully out of shape. I need to take control of my health, and we all know it gets harder as we get older.

* For those unfamiliar, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically it’s a subscription that entitles you to a portion of a farm’s output – you get weekly or biweekly boxes of produce, and sometimes other farm goods like eggs or cheese. This guarantees steady income for the farmers and supports the local economy, and guarantees you farm-fresh food on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to trying some new foods (artichokes!) and this subscription will bridge the winter gap when my own garden is barren. I will not do the CSA over the summer months because my own garden will be producing, but I will start it up again in the fall.

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