Love to hate

I have one dog and one cat. (some would argue that I have one HORSE and one cat, but that would hurt Chloe’s feelings. It’s not her fault she’s so big.)

They get along just fine and sometimes they even play together – though this doesn’t last long because of the dramatic size differential… Chloe the dog is quite fond of cats (ours, that is – not so much the neighbor’s cats) and grew up with my “old” cat who was equally fond of dogs. Unfortunately for Chloe, our current cat isn’t quite as enamored with the larger, stinkier variety of house pet. The cat usually keeps a bit of a distance from the dog, though she has been known to swat playfully at Chloe’s tail and/or ears when the opportunity arises. Mostly, though, she kind of ignores the dog. Chloe mostly ignores the cat in return.  It’s sort of a love/hate relationship.

The funniest thing about this is that they are both incredibly jealous of any affection given to the other. It’s absolutely hilarious. If you pet the cat, expect the dog to barge right in for her fair share. Pet the dog, and the cat is likely to wander by with a nonchalant air but determined look in her eyes as she weaves through the forest of legs to distribute some cat hair upon your pants. Seriously, they will come from the opposite side of the house at the slightest possibility that the other pet is getting some love.

We got another funny round of this “pet me, not her” routine the other night, when my daughter was giving a belly rub to Chloe. The cat wanted to get in on the action, but was keeping a wary distance from Chloe’s gigantic feet. It’s impressive how far a cat can stretch when she is properly motivated.

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