Sunday spinning

Before I found my new wheel, I purchased a few bags of beautiful fiber – hoarding it for the day I had a spinning wheel worthy of their silky awesomeness. (ok, my old wheel was worthy, too – but it was also horribly inconsistent and a real bear to treadle!) I have spun a bit on the lovely Wendy, breaking it in and getting used to how she runs, and today felt like I was ready to grab one of the special fibers.

This is what I have to show so far. It’s a merino wool / viscose blend in wonderful shades of greed, purple, and blueish green. The white viscose is blended throughout, keeping the overall color lighter than it would otherwise be. That is a horrid picture (camera phone), but perhaps you get the idea. I’m spinning this rather fine (as fine as I am able to, at any rate) and will make it 2-ply. No idea of yardage yet of course, but I’m hoping to have enough for a lacy wrap. If not, a couple of cowls would be nice.

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