Unusual activities

Today marked a milestone for yours truly: I ordered a purse. Now, I realize that this is not cause for celebration for most women, but I learned long ago that I am not like most women. I am not a purse person. I thoroughly dislike shoes. I don’t care for diamonds, I dislike lobster, and I resist all occasions that require dressing up.
My tastes run to the simple side, with most purchases falling squarely into the “function over form” category.
I’m no trend setter.
Plus, I’m a cheapskate.
Today, though, I stepped out of character and splurged on a purse, bucking the “one utilitarian purse at a time that is neither too big nor too small and is simple enough to go with everything or nothing and doesn’t cost more than a pair of socks” mantra that usually governs such purchases.
And now that I’ve done it, I am anxious to receive it. It still falls squarely into the functional arena because after all, I gotta carry stuff – and it isn’t all bedazzled with glitter or ribbons, but it is far nicer than any purse I’ve ever owned. And it won’t be embarrasing to take out to dinner.

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2 Responses to Unusual activities

  1. herb says:

    Carrie! It’s herbie! I have been thinking about you and wondering what you’ve been up to and checked your profile and found your blog, which is GREAT! About the purse – you deserve it. I bet you’re still hardworking and have lots on the go, so spoil yourself! Hope all is swell for you!

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    HERBIE! How the heck are you? Life keeps me super busy, of course – I’m sure you aren’t any different. Good to hear from you!

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