Boo, Google

I don’t know what went wrong, but Google is pissing people off today, me included.

In their tradition of honoring special holidays and whatnot by changing their homepage “Google” banner, today they added SOUND EFFECTS. Problem is, the sound is like a little virus that you can’t turn off, even when you navigate away from Google… And the worst part is that today is an anniversary for PacMan (the video game) so the sound effects are the video game noises: brain-numbing sirens that go on and on and on and are occasionally interrupted by the “you’ve lost” sound.

I use Firefox (Mozilla) as my preferred web browser, and this is the worst thing ever… It does it even after I’ve changed my homepage, and starts right back up after I reopen a browser. IE doesn’t seem to be as bad, so unfortunately today I will be browsing a la Microsoft today because I want to listen to music but can’t stand the PacMan sounds…

(UPDATE: I disabled the Cool Preview add-in and the sounds stopped.)


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You want random? You got it. Mostly knitting and gardening, with some home improvements, pets, baking, family, and the occasional bad joke thrown in for good measure. This blog is mine; it is a place where I can insist upon proper grammar or break my own rules and degrade into slang on a whim. Either way, it's still mine. I love the Internet.
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2 Responses to Boo, Google

  1. peter says:

    For get rid of this crazy google – Pacman sound – change your google address for:
    http:/ if you are Frenchy …

    Yours P. yes yes … P.! hahaha

  2. pro says:

    Maybe I’m PRO…? maybe maybe … ha!

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