Library books on the Nook

I’ve had my Barnes & Noble nook ereader for about six weeks now, and feel like I finally have a pretty good grasp on this thing. I’m an avid reader, so having several books at my fingertips is a little slice of heaven during my daily commute. Plus, since it saves your page in all your books, the Nook allows me to switch from book to book willy-nilly and not worry about dropping a bookmark.

By far my favorite thing, however, is the ability to check out library books (for free). I have two major library systems to choose from, and both offer the Adobe PDF e-pub format that is supported on the Nook. If you also want to check out digital library books on your Nook, here’s a handy tutorial:

1. Get a library card. I know it sounds silly, but you have to have an account before you can check out books. Some libraries also require you to set up an online account. Get all that done first.

2. Download Adobe Digital Editions (free) from the web and install it on your computer.

3. Log into your library’s website.

4. Find an ebook that you want, and checkout. Make sure it’s an Adobe PDF or EPUB ebook (not MP3 or WMV).

5. Download the ebook file to your computer – I click on “open with” and choose Adobe Digital Editions.  The software will open and you will see your book on the right; the book may have a banner across the corner with the days left in the check-out period.

6. Connect your Nook to your computer.

7. In ADE, on the left you will see Bookshelves. Somewhere on that list should be your Nook. From the All Items list, just drag the library book from the right to the nook link on the left.

8. Disconnect your nook, and you will find the book in your “My Documents” library.

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