KP duty

We’ve been giving our little kitchen a much-needed face lift, which has occupied my evenings the past week. Since we are doing the work ourselves, spans of time go by where nothing is accomplished (for instance, when I have to make dinner or vacuum the floor) which are then followed by frenzies of activity (tonight’s agenda is to do all the tile work).  While I love working with my hands and seeing such an improvement on our ugly eatery, I do miss my evenings of knitting, spinning, or reading. Here are a few photos of our progress.

Sort-of-Before: By the time I thought about taking a photo, we had already done the cabinets and started on the walls. Hubby added a couple of outlets and we’ve patched the walls. Here is the old laminate, which we removed.

This is the tile that was behind the stove. It’s fair nasty; do you like how the white-and-gold “matches” the old counters? Much patching of the wall was needed, but it was totally worth it to get rid of this stuff. Further down you can see the old flooring, which also has that lovely color scheme going on. Very hip.

Here’s the full length of the main counter, stripped and sanded – ready for new laminate. We had to build some edges and re-do a corner with some creative carpentry. You can also see the pass-thru window in this shot (currently holding tools and assorted implements of torture), which will get a piece of laminate so that it’s all matchy-matchy. Imagine that.

After gluing down the new laminate, hubby handled the router.

Next up is the tile backsplash. Most likely I’ll be setting the tile while hubs does the cutting – and there will be lots of cutting. Old houses are never level. Or square. Or flat, for that matter. The walls bow and bend and swoop all over the place. We’re hoping the tile disguises some of that. It took three tries to draw a level line across the walls for the tile, because the level wouldn’t lay flush to the walls.

Did I mention that there is another counter to do? It’s in the corner and not very big, but it’s holding the the majority of our kitchen “stuff” right now and when we pull the stove out that corner is totally inaccessible. So we get to do all this again, but on a smaller scale. And without the sink in the way.

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  1. Erica says:

    Kitchens are the worst…I don’t envy you. But, it’s going to be awesome when you’re done!

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