Looking up

Quite some time ago we scraped the popcorn acoustical ceiling from the kitchen. Nasty stuff to have in a kitchen. After scraping, we saw why it had been put up: cracks, raised seams, (bad) patches, and water stains. We put in new lights and added more patches to the already crappy ceiling. Unsure what to do, we just ignored it for awhile.

And then we started updating our kitchen in earnest. Cabinets got stripped and repainted, hardware got updated, and recently the counters got new laminate. Looking up meant seeing the nasty, rough, bumpy, stained ceiling and we decided to tackle the project. These pictures don’t do it justice, trust me when I tell you that it was bad.

In our 1941 house, we can get away with old style. Retro is in. We decided that a tin ceiling would be cool, but the price tag was exhorbitant… There are plastic ‘tin’ ceiling panels available, but even those are priced out of our reach.  We were at a loss until someone mentioned textured wall paper.

Wall paper. Ugh. I have bad memories of wall paper, steamers, stripping knives, and hours and hours spent working on my mom’s house. But, keeping an open mind, we headed to the hardware store to see what was available.

Pleasantly surprised, that’s what we were. Not only was the price exactly what we wanted (less than $50 for three rolls), the paper is not really paper at all so it’s light and squishy. It’s some sort of foamy plastic, with a paper backing.

In a few short hours we had the entire ceiling done and the transformation is amazing. It covers up all the ugliness that we wanted so badly to hide, it is paintable, it is easy to remove should we change our minds, and it definitely dresses up the kitchen with the super-plain cabinets.

We haven’t put the lights back up, and the trim needs to be done, and we are going to paint the ceiling (helps hide the seams and smooth it out), but already it’s such a huge improvement.

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  1. Erica says:

    I can’t believe what a difference this makes!!!!

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