Down under

As our kitchen facelift continues, we are in the final stage: the floor.

Thing is, it’s a heck of a lot of work pulling out the old flooring and getting the subfloor prepped for new tile.

A HECK of a lot of work. The old vinyl flooring has to be scraped up, and it’s not coming off nicely. Chris started in the hall, pulling up the carpet. Underneath the awful cream carpet put in right before we bought the house, we found remnants of the old shag that once carpeted the entire dwelling – three colors so far (green, gold, and brown) – combined with the dark wood paneling, this must have been quite a cave.

Saturday afternoon I got started, with a scraper and hammer.

Nice, eh? Maybe you can see why we’re so anxious to pull this out… I spent a couple of hours crawling around on the floor before my body went on strike, but Sunday morning, we were back at it.

The white is the vinyl flooring’s backing. It’s not paper, but that’s what it feels like. And most of it is still securely glued down. It’s going to take a lot more elbow grease to get that up, and the task is so daunting that I’ve considered taking the easier way out and just laying down a thin sheet of plywood over the top of it. Thing is, that will create a height transition between the adjoining rooms and we’d like to avoid that if possible.

We’ll see how we feel about that after spending a few more evenings scraping the floor.


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2 Responses to Down under

  1. Jen says:

    When we pulled up our old floor we found a drawing of the outline of a person on the floor! We ended up doing the plywood approach, which worked to our advantage because when the refrigerator broke a few months later while we were on vacation and ruined the floor we found out it was asbestos. And then Jeramy got “paid” by our insurance quite a bit to take it out. It covered the cost of the new refrigerator at least.

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that our flooring is asbestos… It’s the right age, so we are progressing with care and trying not to disturb it more than necessary.

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