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Knitting for the needy

As cold weather sets in, I was reminded about those that are lacking in winter garments. I volunteered to knit some hats for some kids in need, and that’s what I’m doing! I’ve got two done, and a third mostly done. … Continue reading

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With bows on

Not many thing cuter than a babe with Christmas bows stuck to his head!

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ebook hiccup

I don’t know what happened, but Christmas was particularly rough on my nook this year. I set it on the shelf sometime last week to lighten my purse and make room for my last-minute knitting projects. The nook sat there … Continue reading

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Successful holiday

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas; we did. Ours was in four part harmony, with the day starting out bright and early with presents under our tree. The kids had a little time to play with their new toys … Continue reading

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Failure to plan

Sound Transit, since before it was even built, has been promoting the Light Rail by touting its convenience to the airport. Avoid traffic! Save money! Don’t hassle with parking! No expensive taxi! Quick and easy way to get to and … Continue reading

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All stitched up

Humpty Dumpty really should have packed a baggie of royal icing before climbing that big wall. If he had, all the King’s men could have stitched him back together, like I did to this unfortunate gingerbread man yesterday: (sorry it’s … Continue reading

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This and that

Today is a day full of random to-do items. I need to take a shower and get dressed. Then I need to run up to the store and buy some meringue powder, so I can decorate the gingerbread cookies I made … Continue reading

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In the spirit

I feel it. There is a certain chill in the air that has me donning hats, scarves, and gloves for my commute. There are twinkling lights strung on trees, houses, light poles, fences, and bridges. An entire forest of trees … Continue reading

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Can’t stop now

Only 8 days left, no time for chitchat. must. keep. knitting.

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Treacle, treacle, little tart

Treacle tart – what the heck is it??  Well, I’ll tell you – it’s an English dessert, and I am pretty sure you  have heard of it even if you’ve never tasted one. Hints: it’s Harry Potter’s favorite, and the … Continue reading


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