Failure to plan

Sound Transit, since before it was even built, has been promoting the Light Rail by touting its convenience to the airport. Avoid traffic! Save money! Don’t hassle with parking! No expensive taxi! Quick and easy way to get to and from the airport!

What they utterly failed to do was give travelers a place to put luggage. Perhaps they thought folks would fly without any. Perhaps they thought suitcases would be mailed. I don’t know, but they seriously missed the mark on this. With the busiest travel days upon us, I see countless harried travelers struggling to get their luggage on board and stowed…. where?

In the aisles. On seats, preventing others from sitting. In the disabled spot, or in the bicycle storage spot. It took MONTHS for them to put up a sign telling passengers to not put their luggage in the disabled spot…

Now, there is room under the seats for smaller suitcases, but this is not well advertised and nobody – and I do mean nobody – does it. I watch two people today struggle with two very large suitcases, they were trying to figure out where to put them and after a disabled person told them to get their bloody suitcases out of the disabled spot,  I helpfully suggested they put one UNDER THEIR SEAT. Great idea, they said. duh…

(in the way / one is in the bicycle storage space on the left)

(in the aisle. Why didn’t this guy put his under his seat instead of making people stumble past?)

(on the seats. Two people taking up four seats. And during heavy commuter times…)


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