Dinosaurs and whack-a-mole

The past three nights I’ve had odd dreams.  Not  nightmares, no recurring theme that I can identify, just on the strange side. It’s not the having of dreams that compels me to blog, and the content itself isn’t exactly earth-shattering – what got me interested is that I remember the dreams, and for three nights in a row. Ok, here’s what I remember:

Monday night: I was outside in the yard, the sun was shining down and I was puttering about by myself. A smallish (but still plenty big) Tyrannosaurus meanders down the street, sees me, and sets about attempting to eat yours truly. I fend him (her?) off with various garden tools and pieces of lumber, running around the house and trying to find a place to hide. Upon waking I had the impression that the dinosaur wasn’t really trying that hard, and in the dream I was more annoyed that nobody came to my resuce than scared of the actual dinosaur.

Tuesday night: I was in a shop, an old-fashioned parlor kind of shop with tables and armoires and hutches and chairs scattered around. There were several women in the shop and all were displaying pieces of handwork to be judged. All of the items were made with thread (not yarn, I remember this clearly). One of my coworkers was there and had made a beautifully needle-sculpted picture all in white. She was nervous about her piece but I assured her it was gorgeous. I didn’t have anything entered in the contest, I was wandering about admiring all the pieces. I don’t remember much else about this dream other than it was quiet and peaceful and homey (sorry Caitlin, I don’t know if you won or not).

Wednedsay night: I was at a family entertainment place, the kind of place with video games and Whack-a-Mole and those big tubes kids can crawl in. It was loud, with bells clanging and kids screaming; the restaurant part was darkly lit and sparsely populated. I walked directly to a booth/table combo (the kind with a booth seat on one side and chairs on the other) and sat in the booth so that I faced out into the game area. The big tube thing was directly in front of me. In the chair opposite me was one of  my husband’s childhood friends, Greg. (I feel it’s important to interject here that I haven’t seen Greg in years.) As soon as I sat down, Greg greeted me and hailed a passing waitress. He asked if I was ready to play, and I quickly said, “YES!” He then smacked down two big plastic butcher knives and the waitress plunked down several large, colored, egg-shaped things that had slight cuts in the edges. The game was to slice through them quicker than your opponent, so I started hacking away. After I’d cut a lime green orb into slices I looked up and behind Greg was a guy I haven’t seen since high school – he was sitting under some of the big play tubes just staring at me.  Then I woke up.

Told you, strange dreams!

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