Fiber frolic

Today I played hookie from work and treated myself to a “me” day by going to the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat, not to take a class (which I wish I had thought to sign up for) but to wallow in wall-to-wall yarn, fiber, tools, bags, gadgets, and friendly folks. If you spin, knit, crochet, weave, or felt, this kind of event is awesome. I talked to many great vendors, played with a couple of spinning wheels, drooled over some gorgeous drop spindles, resisted the urge to take up weaving, and fondled oodles of yarn and fiber of all kinds. But you don’t really want to read about it, do you? I know what you want: pictures!

I only thought to snap two while in the Marketplace – one of Blue Moon and one of The Artful Ewe. The rest of my pictures are of my loot.

Ok, so my whole purpose in going was to get an assortment of spinning fibers, and not a lot of yarn. I succeeded in both, as long as your definition of “not a lot” is similar to mine. I only got sock yarns, and they are all superwash:

I think six is quite reasonable, considering how many temptations there were. Now for the fiber. I got a big 8oz knot of lovely superwash merino, which I’m hoping will spin up to look like worn jeans.

I got two 4-oz knots of 50/50 Bombyx Silk / Merino. Look at that shine!

I got a blended ball of black & grey wool and an unbelievably soft chunk of camel/silk, which is pure heaven in your hands.

I got a fun little crazy batt that has sparkles!

I picked up some polwarth, and a blue face leicester/silk blend.

Another mixed batt, which I think looks like a crashing wave:

Some silk/merino:

Three balls of merino / merino blends that I think I’ll spin up into laceweight:

And last but not least, some baby camel / merino:

Whew! That ought to keep me busy for awhile!

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  1. Holy smokes. That’s going to keep you busy for a LONG time! (At least the lace weight stuff will.)

  2. Jen Finch says:

    Yes, you will be very busy. Can’t wait to see what beautiful things you whip up!

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