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Twice as good

When you love something, seeing a BOGO for it just adds a certain sparkle to your day.

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Spring has sprung

This rainy March has finally warmed up enough for the crocuses and daffodils to raise their sodden heads. I don’t have many tulips left (darned squirrels!) but these wee daffs do bring spots of cheer to an otherwise dreary early-spring … Continue reading

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Chocolate mulch

When it comes to chocolate, there is no such thing as too much. Four large sacks of cacoa husk mulch makes a car, garage, and yard smell mmmmm-mmmmm good! I’ve spread one bag in the garden so far (two veggie … Continue reading

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Bucket head

Having a big head means finding flattering hats can be challenging. Fortunately, I know how to make stuff. 🙂 I’ve decided that perhaps a bucket hat will fit the bill, and after spinning up that luscious 50/50 bombyx silk / … Continue reading

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The sound of silence

Yeah, it’s been pretty quiet on the blog front lately. It isn’t that I’ve been lazy; quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Too busy to post, life is zipping along at warp speed but most of it is … Continue reading

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Fruit smooties

I like to make smoothies for breakfast. Not only are they fast and filling, I get at least a couple servings of fruit and can control exactly what goes in the smoothie. Our blender makes smooties – as evidenced by … Continue reading

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Sight seeing in Seattle

We had family in town for a few days, so we did a whirlwind sightseeing tour through Seattle. It was typical early spring weather around here, so I decided to take pictures in black-and-white with my Hipstamatic app (besides, color would have … Continue reading

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Four new soaps to share

I snapped quick photos with my phone; real photos will be taken later with the light box to post on my website – but for now, these aren’t too bad. (Rice Flour and Shea, swirled with red kaolin clay.) (Rosemary … Continue reading

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Winter is a very slow time for my soap business, but now is when I start ramping up for summer craft shows / street fairs. I need to do a bit of cleaning and organizing, but I did get several … Continue reading

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The educated recycler

I popped into a local coffee shop to treat myself to a latte during lunch, and as I waited for my beverage I saw this little display above their garbage-recycle-compost bins: More places should do this. Seriously – I see … Continue reading

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