It’s finally time!

The first of April means it is time for me to get out and plant my garden!  I can put in peas, beans, lettuce, potatoes, radishes, carrots, cucumber, and zucchini. I can’t wait! My tomato starts aren’t ready to go out yet – they need several days of hardening off first, which I will start this weekend.

I’ve got a couple of new ideas for the garden this year: I’m going to do potatoes in cribs instead of in the raised beds (I’ll post pics), and I’m going to plant my beans and peas a bit differently. Usually I plant them in parallel rows with a PVC trellis arch strung with twine for them to grow on. While this has worked, it is less than ideal – the wind tends to blow them over and the vines have a hard time hanging on. This year I’m going to embrace my square foot garden layout and do my climbers on pyramids made of bamboo poles. I’ll hit the garden store first thing in the morning for supplies.

We plan on relocating the gardens to the back yard in anticipation of a front porch addition, but haven’t talked about whether we will do that this year or next… If this year, I have a weekend of dirt hauling ahead of me. Whether I’m planting or moving raised beds, I’ll be playing in the dirt the next couple of days. 🙂


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You want random? You got it. Mostly knitting and gardening, with some home improvements, pets, baking, family, and the occasional bad joke thrown in for good measure. This blog is mine; it is a place where I can insist upon proper grammar or break my own rules and degrade into slang on a whim. Either way, it's still mine. I love the Internet.
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