Flight of the fledgling

The time that parents both anticipate and dread has arrived in our house: our oldest child is preparing to leave the nest. A war of emotions has me vacillating between joy and sorrow, pride and fear. On the one hand I am glad that he is taking this step, becoming independent, striking out on his own. As a young person, he has very little responsibility weighing him down – no school or career commitments, no real bills or obligations; this kind of freedom doesn’t last long and I’m happy that he is able to take advantage of this opportunity and isn’t afraid to try something new. On the other hand, this mommy is having a hard time letting go, accepting that he is old enough to do this daring thing.

Not only is he moving out, he is moving out of state.  He has thoroughly foiled my plans to be the drop-in, unannounced visitor, bearing sacks of groceries and platters of cookies. I wanted to be the slightly-embarrassing but never-far-if-needed mom. The show up on Sunday morning with coffee cake and waffles mom. The come over and clean the kitchen mom.

Instead, I must do this mom thing long distance, by phone and text and internet. Thank goodness for technology. I know he will do great. He is brilliant, capable, and an all-around awesome young man. As happy as I am for him,  I will need plenty of tissues when the big day arrives, no doubt about that.

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2 Responses to Flight of the fledgling

  1. Heather says:

    I’m so excited for both of you. And apprehensive, jealous, sad, etc. What a big moment. Anything we can offer in the way of kitchen gadgets, small bits of furniture etc let me know.

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    There are a couple of things still on his wish list; I’ll email you. Thanks!
    It’s such an odd thing, the kids moving out… I certainly don’t feel like that much time has gone by.

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