Still with the Pi

It’s just a big blob of knitted fabric right now so I won’t bother taking another picture… I moved to a longer circular and am just a couple of yards away from using one entire skein of Kauni. I have a second skein standing by, colors already pulled so that there isn’t a jarring transition (the first skein is finishing in the purple so I need to continue in purple on the second skein). The wee ball of black-to-grey that I pulled from the second skein will be incorporated into the shawl later, most likely in the edging. I’m using simple lace designs because anything fancier would just get lost in the color shifts anyway, and besides – easy lace means I can do it while watching TV or reading.

I am thinking crazy thoughts this week. What kind of crazy? The kind that is encouraging me to knit my way through an Elizabeth Zimmerman book. I have all four, and have knit something from each – but I got this itch… Especially for the Knitting Around collection of patterns… With a road trip in my future, I am especially drawn to the Moccasin Socks and to the Mobius Vest. As if I don’t have enough WIPs already on the needles, I find myself contemplating the best kind of sweater wool,  how big around my son’s chest is, and what color socks my father-in-law might like to have this year.

Hopefully I can put off such an endeavor until I finish the current projects under way (two shawls, a pair of socks, two blankets, and a cardigan); plus, I have a hat “on order” to make for a friend.

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