More Pi, please

  by wonkydonkey

See? Just on and on with the knitting of the Pi Are Square Shawl. I took this to knit night on Wednesday and I’ve got the feeling I ought to check it very carefully for errors; lace and chatting don’t usually go well together.

In the meantime, I’ve put a few more rounds on my sister’s socks and have started the sleeves on my Featherweight Cardigan. I have another cardigan planned out and the yarn is bagged with the pattern, but I successfully avoided startitis last night — which was difficult because there it was, all ready to cast on and calling to me… But no, must. finish. other. projects. first.

In other news, I went for my first “run” last night. (I use quotation marks because there was more walking than running, but I’m excited nonetheless.) I bought an app for my iPhone – the Couch to 5K – and just grabbed my headphones and hit the sidewalk after dinner. The first fifteen minutes were the hardest but I persevered and by the end I was feeling great (tired, but great). Today I have the exercise hangover, complete with sore muscles and stiffness, but I will be lacing up my sneakers again tomorrow for another “run”. I have no illusions that I will become a marathon runner, but I really need to shed some ballast and should increase my endurance if I’m going to survive another summer of softball and volleyball.

(If you aren’t familiar with the concept of couch to 5k, it is a graduated exercise plan that eases you into running by alternating walking with running over a 9-week period, so that by the end you can run 3 miles without stopping. We’ll see about that.)

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