Pi hiatus, socks in tow (toe!)

The eternal edging of my Pi Shawl relegates it to stay-at-home status (owing in large part to the color wrangling I am doing now to keep the edging more or less a solid color rather than let it stripe), so I’ve jumped back onto the sock wagon and pulled out a partially complete pair that have been hibernating since, oh, the Nixon era.

Ok, not really that long, but it’s been ages since I worked on them.

Thing is, I don’t remember what my plan was for these. Beyond becoming socks, of course, I don’t remember what I had in mind so I get to more or less start all over but with the bonus of having the feet half knit. Score! They are in a self-striping yarn and I have a 2X1 rib going over the instep; I need to measure the length and figure out where to start the gusset increase. In evaluating the amount of yarn I have, I don’t think there is enough for my standard calf-height socks so these will become ankle socks (which means I’m even closer to having them done).


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