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Surprise attack

We thought the Boy was invincible. Nothing phases him – he has never suffered the bodily revolt that allergies bring on. The Boy weathers every season without a pollen-induced sniffle. He uses any soap, lotion, shampoo, and deodorant without a … Continue reading


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Little pink kitten toes – they make me happy.

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Neon knitwear

The photo doesn’t do it justice – that orange is *bright*. The best part? He had shoes to match!

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Fourteen days

In two short weeks, the little wild kitten has gone from a weak, sick, starving, scruffy, weighing-not-quite-a-pound pathetic little thing that had so much trouble breathing I wasn’t sure she would survive to an energetic, loving, funny, smart, playful little … Continue reading

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Pins and needles

Here are the four strips of feedsack scraps, ready to have a solid background fabric added in between each. The strips are much longer than they appear in the picture¬†(they are folded in half) so I think I can get … Continue reading

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Almost three weeks into May and my garden is less than impressive. It has been far too wet and cold. At this rate, I don’t think I’ll get tomatoes until October.

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Striped Skyp

I finished a pair of gift socks yesterday and promptly cast on another – this time in Berroco Sox using the Simple Skyp Socks pattern (so named for it’s subtle¬† Slip, Knit, YO, PSSO pattern). With all this striping going … Continue reading

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Positive signs

The little rescue has started to play – a good indication that she is feeling better. Though she is still skin & bones, her tummy is starting to round out and her appetite is improving.

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Beginning shut down sequence

in five… four… three… This is a very personal blog entry – it involves girly stuff and aging stuff and if either of those wig you out then I suggest you move right along to something else. Since I have … Continue reading

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Rescue mission

(sleeping in her temporary bed) Soft hearts run in the family, and yesterday it manifested in our youngest by way of a rescue operation to retrieve a litter of abandoned kittens from an old, bramble-covered woodpile behind a friend’s house. … Continue reading

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