Camping and quilting

I spent the weekend “camping” with our Girl Scout troop.

They weren’t really camping – they had a heated cabin in which to sleep and eat – but they were pine bunk beds with thin cushions and sketchy plumbing, dormitory-style. We were in the woods, and there was much singing and hiking and playing of games, and of course: a campfire.

The weekend was kicked off with Opening Flag, which our girls performed (sans uniforms).

And early-morning sunshine filtering through the trees, embracing everything in gorgeous sun beams.

After a long day of fun and games and lots of great food, we retired to our cabin and the Troop Leader wrapped herself in an old, worn quilt that her mother had made. The kind of quilt you can tell has been much-loved and will one day just simply cease to exist because it has been washed so many times. As I admired its tattered softness, the Quilting Bug settled in.

It had been buzzing around for awhile; so much so that I had recently purchased some vintage feed sack quilt squares on Etsy and had been contemplating finally finishing that quilt top I made for my nephew about a year ago – but seeing her old quilt set the Bug a-buzzing and now I find myself leafing through quilt books and haunting Google for ideas on how to best use these squares (I have 80 of them and they will need to be supplemented with more fabric in order to make a quilt large enough to use – I have no interest in making “wall quilts”). I’m thinking a simple strip quilt so I don’t waste a single thread of the squares I bought, something like this perhaps:

Last night I laid out my squares and admired the soft blues and reds, the butter yellows, and the grass greens. So many pretty colors! I think they would really stand out on a light background, maybe a nice cream color. I’ll have to take a few to the fabric store with me and see what speaks.

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