Fourteen days

In two short weeks, the little wild kitten has gone from a weak, sick, starving, scruffy, weighing-not-quite-a-pound pathetic little thing that had so much trouble breathing I wasn’t sure she would survive to an energetic, loving, funny, smart, playful little ball of fluff that weighed in at 1.9 pounds yesterday – doubling her weight since we rescued her. Her fur is looking healthier and she is filling out nicely (just a bit thin through the legs yet).  She is done with the antibiotics and eye cream (though her left third eyelid is still just a tiny bit swollen, as you can see in the picture above), and she tested negative for both feline leukemia and FIV; she got her first shots and an OK from the vet to begin interaction with our other cat.

Her left cornea is still cloudy; the vet took a good look yesterday and says it appears to be scar tissue from the conjunctivitis or an injury rather than an ulcer, which is good news but means the cloudiness is likely permanent. It doesn’t appear to bother her in the least and I actually think the cloudiness has receded a bit in the last few days, so I’m still holding out hope that it will continue to heal and clear up. Time will tell. The little critter had a lot of challenges to overcome, and perhaps this one is just taking a little longer.

All things considered, she’s so lucky to be alive that I’m not worried about a cloudy eye if it isn’t painful; it adds character and with her crooked tail, she looks like quite the little pirate. 🙂

Introductions with Snickerdoodle aren’t going great but neither are they horrible. Frankly, Snickers is afraid of the kitten… She hisses when the kitten gets too close and then runs away / jumps to a high spot. The kitten, of course, thinks this is grand fun and pounces every chance she gets – which is a lot because Snickers doesn’t seem to understand the game that is afoot. I’m thankful that Snickers is not aggressive towards the kitten, but I had hoped she harbored some latent maternal instinct that would have her more interested in getting to know the little fluffball. For now we limit their interaction to supervised visits and lock the kitten up at night and when we aren’t home to give the old grumpy biddy some peace and quiet.

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