Wasps give me the heebie jeebies

I am not clear on the differences between wasps and yellow jackets. Bees are just fine – I love bees. But wasps, not so much. Don’t get all preachy about their place in the food chain, blah blah blah; I know all that, but that doesn’t make me like wasps. They have an evil look about them that I don’t appreciate, they can sting over and over and will do so for no particular reason, and they bite. It’s not that I go out of my way to eradicate them, I just don’t want them around me.

Chris found a nest of the little buggers beside our driveway on Friday and we got some spray to deal with them (that’s way too close to the house for comfort). Though I haven’t had any traumatic run-ins with them (knock wood), I’m pretty sure their mere evil presence caused the dream I had last night.

As with most dreams, I don’t remember how it started. The point from which I do remember goes like this:

We are outside, and there are wasps flying around. Somehow, Chris has managed to trap most of them – and there are hundreds – in a large glass dome. Thing is, the dome is made of a bunch of top-hinged windows like a greenhouse that open with cranks and for some reason, all the windows are open. There are no plants inside, only wasps.  Olivia is on her knees cranking a window shut just as fast as she can while the wasps buzz around inside the dome like houseflies doing the four-point turn thing in the air, staying mostly inside with an occasional wasp escaping out the windows. The dome is large, four or five feet tall.

I yell at her to crank the windows shut faster! but she’s doing all she can. I run over and start shoving the windows closed, making the cranks whiz around like propellers. I’m running around the dome, shoving windows shut, and I look down to see our kitten (but not our current kitten, it had different coloring but in the dream it was our kitten) crawling along the ground, dragging one leg and trembling all over. It turned to look at me and it’s whole face was swollen up all grotesque like and I grabbed the kitten and hollered that it must have been stung! maybe in the mouth! maybe in the eye! The kitten was going to lose her eye! As this was going on I became aware of a pain on my forehead and realized a wasp had taken a big bite out of my hairline and there was a trail of blood dripping down my face. And still, Olivia was cranking windows shut one by one.

I woke up as my dream self was trying to decide whether to pry open the kitten’s mouth to look for a wasp or to just whisk her to the vet, all while contemplating the amazing fortuitousness that the wasp had “only” bitten me instead of stinging me, since I am so allergic. I remember thinking (in my dream) how odd it was that nobody had been stung, except the kitten.But I was convinced that if I opened the kitten’s mouth myself I would see a wasp in there and it would sting me as I tried to take it out.

Weird, eh?

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