Spinning a baby camel

Sounds like fun, eh?

Some of the luscious fiber I picked up back in February has been calling to me, so on Sunday I pulled out the baby camel:  one lump blended with silk and the other blended with merino wool, each 4 ounces, both in a natural tan color.

(Camel / silk blend)

The plan is to spin each into singles, and then ply them together. The camel/silk is not that easy to work with, so I’m not yet sure how it’s going to turn out… The fiber is very fine, very slippery, and very prone to static. It sticks to everything (except itself) and slides through my fingers like, well, silk. It feels like I’m spinning my cat’s belly fur (which is a dead-ringer for the softest bunny you’ve ever touched). So, the singles are not very consistent but I expect the camel/wool to be easier to handle and am hopeful that plying the two together will disguise my mediocre spinning skills and still yield a yummy yarn that I can turn into some mitts and a cowl for myself. My son says it looks like I’m spinning human hair. I said that would be easier.

(Baby camel blended with merino wool)

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