Lazy people

It amuses me to see people take the elevator one floor on their way to the gym, and others run down the sidewalk to the train station only to stand on the escalator inside, and others drive around a parking lot for twenty minutes looking for a closer spot instead of walking an extra twenty yards across flat ground to the mall. Americans are overweight and out of shape, and we spend millions of dollars on gym memberships, exercise equipment, health clubs, and weight loss propaganda — but we can’t walk up a (free) flight of stairs or across a parking lot? We are so doomed.


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3 Responses to Lazy people

  1. It’s not just Americans, I see it here in New Zealand too. Often I buck the trend, especially in parking lots; I’ve noticed it’s much easier to back the car out again if I’m not too close to the store, the only place I try to get close is the grocery store, but if there’s nothing close I will park further away rather than keep going around.

  2. Erica says:

    This amuses me to no end.

  3. wonkydonkey says:

    At the grocery store, I park near a cart catcher (but not necessarily close to the store) – started doing that when the kids were little for convenience in loading them & the groceries into the car and returning the cart w/o leaving them alone.

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